Exoterik – Butterfly in Your Hand

Review by Luke Helstrip

Exoterik, the female fronted Anglo–Irish band return to release their second album after their first, Don’t Swallow, released 18 October 2008.   It brings with it the intense energy, catchy riffs and the vocal lines they are renowned for by their fans.  With the new album, Exoterik have to capture the power and appeal of the live shows.

The first riff of the opener, Reason to Live, captures the band’s energy and punch, setting the tone.   The whole album is littered with extremely catchy riffs such as the main riff of Reason in Ruin, accompanied by Anneka’s immense vocal lines, which never really cease to impress.  This fast pace is quickly established and carries throughout the album, letting up with track such as Uninvited which wouldn’t be out of place in an acoustic set. However it still keeps its cool edge on the softer tracks which rarely fails to catch your attention.

Personally my favourite parts of the album are the breakdown sections of some of the songs.  The one which stands out is the song aptly named Breakdown, where the track stops dead and Darren screams “TIME TO BREAKDOWN”.  This reminds me of Hatebreed’s style of vocals leading into a heavy breakdown riff, which you won’t be able to stop yourself moshing along too.

All that said, Darren’s vocal is where I think the album lets itself down.  They have had a strange reverb effect placed on them, taking away from the pure aggression which you get seeing the band live. I’m not sure if it was the band’s choice or was done during mastering, I just hope it’s not like it on the next album.

Despite the slight problem I have with the vocals, it’s easy to get over, and barely noticeable if you’re just listening to it as background noise.  Exoterik took everything they learnt from Don’t Swallow and built on it all in a positive way Butterfly In Your Hand shows the band growing, spreading their wings and showing more of their influences.  This is a awesome album showcasing some talented musicians which are destined for bigger things.

Rating – ****

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