Evile – Five Serpents Teeth

Earache Records

Review by Luke Helstrip

Well well well, I have been waiting to hear this album since it was announced, so lots of anticipation for this one, as Evile are one of my favourite bands at the moment. This is the guys’ third album release, following the 2009 release of Infected Nations. This is the first since bassist Mike Alexander sadly passed away. New bass player Joel  Graham definitely fills Mike’s shoes and I would like to think this whole album is a tribute to Mike and not just In Memoriam.

So too the music! The opening track Five Serpents Teeth really does set the tone for the whole album. Starting with an awesome build up into a smash-in-the-face with furious riffs and vocals complementing each other. Like every other song on the album, barring In Memoriam, each song is a beautiful mix of fast pace tremolo picking, paired with furious drumming into slow crushing sections, which I have no doubt they will induce some serious moshing at shows.

In typical Evile style, the solos on this album are ridiculous. Being blisteringly fast isn’t uncommon, but any feeling in the music is completely lost, as it changes from a song to a dude showing off. Saying that, the solos in this album are extremely technical but still remain melodic and interesting.

This album shows Matt Drake‘s vocal range and style growing and evolving. In Memoriam is a prime example of this, with Matt opting for a much cleaner style, in a massive contrast to his normal one. But don’t be disheartened, growl fans! The more familiar style is definitely present on this album, accompanied by some cool vocal lines such as the pre-chorus to Cult.

Evile are said to be one of the best underground metal bands out right now, and I think I agree. I was going to go through this review likening the album to other songs so that you had a rough idea of how it sounded. I quickly realised that would’t work. Sure, you can hear influences knocking around in there like Annihilator and Metallica…. However, Evile have made it their own, which is something special nowadays. I probably listened to the album for about a week on repeat and didn’t get bored. More importantly I didn’t find something I really dislike or even have an aversion to, so I have to say this album is very near perfect.

I will end by saying this about Five Serpents Teeth: This is Evile. This is Thrash metal.

Rating – *****

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  1. Saw Evile play at the Holmfirth Picturedrome last night. They played some of the material from this album. It sounds even better live than it does on the disc. If you’ve listened to this album, you’ll realize that’s going some.

    If you like Metal and you haven’t got this album… what are you waiting for? Amazon’s always open!

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