Sepultura – Kairos

Nuclear Blast

Review by Luke Helstrip

This is the metal veterans’ 12th studio release. The inspiration for this album was the band’s own experience across the passage of their 26 year long career.

The album as a whole sounds tight as hell, the mixing is awesome everything sounds crisp and sharp. This does make the experience of listening at least bearable despite its downsides. There is only one track that stands out for me on this whole album and sadly it isn’t even Sepultura’s own; it’s the bonus track they have added, the cover of Fire Starter, it’s cool to hear their take on the classic track.

Now with 15 tracks (16 if you count the two rolled into one on the last track) no one can argue you don’t get value for money if you purchase this album. It’s just a massive shame that the other 14 tracks soon become boring and repetitive. A prime example of what I’m talking about is the first track, Spectrum, which uses all of two riffs throughout the entire song. Now some may say this is a minimalist approach to song writing, I’d say they were mental; the problem with using just two riffs is that the song sounds and feels like it’s going nowhere, it just plods along from start to finish.  Same with the rest of the album; there is no real definition between the tracks which is a big no no for me.

So yeah, the actual sound of the album is awesome I can’t fault that whatsoever. I would love to recreate the tones from this album. What I can fault is the monotonous repetitive nature of every single song on the album. I guess if you’re a diehard fan you will stick to your guns and enjoy this album, but for me there was just nothing but a funky cover that stood out to me and made me interested in listening.

Rating : **

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