One of the most promising rock bands to emerge in quite some time is undoubtedly Message to Venus. Hailing from Puerto Rico – and comprised of members Jandre Nadal (vocals/guitar), John Feliciano (guitar), Edgar Ramos (bass), and JuanMa Font (drums) – Message to Venus impressively manages to balance challenging arrangements and melody, as such must-hear tracks as “Universal You”, the video for the song can be found here: 

Other songs include “To Smile,” “The Show,” and their latest single, “Stripped” (a Depeche Mode cover, which can be streamed here:


They bring to mind such established acts as 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, and Tool.

This summer, fans will be able to catch the band on an extensive U.S. tour. Kicking off today June 21st in Gainesville, FL and running until July 27th in Butler, NJ, the group will be playing tunes off their latest release, ‘The Envelope,’ as well as other standout tracks – all of which are currently for sale on iTunes:

Message to Venus is already making serious inroads with rock radio, as they came in at #3 on Alfa Rock in their native Puerto Rico, as well as being featured on Sirius Octane. Additionally, the quartet was a standout performer at the Coors Light Indie Fest 2012, in San Juan, PR. Accolades from their peers have already been received, such as Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin, who praised, “A huge sounding band with big production, songs and performances. This one is a winner!” Also, Halestorm’s Arejay Hale added, “A kick ass band with a lot of potential.”

But perhaps most impressive is the strong bond that the band has with their fans. Case in point, their summer tour is being financed with fan support of over $10,000, in IndieGoGo Donations:

John Feliciano: “This past year has been full of work. While promoting our debut EP ‘The Envelope’ we’ve been busy in the studio finishing our new album. Now we are about to go on a US tour that will cover 19 states and over 30 cities. 2013 has been a great year for M2V!”

Jandre Nadal: “We have invested so much as a band, mental and physical preparations, sacrificing everything in our personal lives. We have the mind set and the talent, we just need the exposure. We are going to be big and we know it.”

And now, fans throughout the U.S. will see that their donations were money well spent, when Message to Venus rocks a nearby stage.

Confirmed Message To Venus tour dates:

Appearing with Dead Fish Handshake

Jun 21   Backstage Lounge                            Gainesville, FL

Jun 25   Thunder’s Tavern                             Pascagoula, MS

Jun 26   Hangar 13                                            New Orleans, LA

Jun 29   Theos Billiards                                   Corpus Christi, TX

Jun 30   Headhunters                                      Austin, TX

Jul 06     Pitters Cafe and Lounge                Cape Girardeau, MO

Jul 10     The Phoenix Lounge                       Harrisburg, SD

Jul 17     Bada Brew                                           Crest Hill, IL

Jul 18     Penny Road Pub                               Barrington, IL

Jul 19     Half Time Sports Bar                       Elkhart, IN

Jul 20     Bay Billiards & Sports Bar            Fox Lake, IL

Jul 21     Bumpers Bar & Grill                        Westland, MI

Jul 25     Aldo’s Lounge                                   Altoona, PA

Jul 27     Architekt Music                               Butler, NJ

** Additional dates for July to be added.


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