SOS Festival, day 1

Getting to the Radcliffe Civic Suite at around 1:30pm meant that I’d missed Spill Sixteen, but by all accounts the Sheffield lads acquitted themselves well, despite a few…vehicular mishaps getting there.  If you want to find out more, keep your ears tuned to the Wyrd Ways Rock Show for the broadcast of the interview.  Good to see the lads again.

Around this time I had a brief chat with the lads from Afterdown.  Keep and eye out for them.  They say they have been described as “Southern Metal” as opposed to Southern Rock… think in the realms of Black Label Society, and you won’t really be far wrong.



Next up for a chat were a young bunch of chaps by the name of Massive Wagons.  Shame was, I’d missed their set.  Such is the way of festivals, though.  They’re going to send me some stuff, so I’ll get to hear what all the fuss is about.  I’m told they also put on a good show.  Then again, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise since, from what I hear, Massive Wagons are a band to watch.


One thing I did get to see was Incassum’s acoustic set.  Very interesting to see what they did.  Y’see, Incassum are very much a Modern Metal band, as in you get clean as well as Death Metal vocals.  This was all very mellow.  It was also very well done.  It followed the set, on the Dean Hocking Stage, by Fantasist.  As usual, they put on an excellent performance, despite the Morphsuits they were wearing.  If you’re not sure what a morphsuit is, take a look at the photos below.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


Another band that came for a chat were the very impressive new boys, Eocene.  When I say “new”, I mean it in more than one sense of the word.  “New”, as in unsigned, and also “new” as in a new line-up.  According to the singer, that particular line-up of the band had only been together for something like five weeks.

Then came young Irish lads, Sweet Taste.  Nice bunch of chaps, producing a quality line in Blues-based Rock.  Keep your ears open for those guys.  They’re poised to go a long way.

Getting into the main hall again, Exit State were impressive.  Roy Bright is an excellent frontman, and this new album of theirs (their third – second on the Rocksector label), Let’s See It All, sees the Burnley lads carry on gaining momentum.  This is a band that deserves to be checked out.



Next up was the first acoustic set by one of the bands I was there to see – Triaxis.  The Welsh band are also very strong contenders.  They don’t know how to put on a poor performance.  As usual, Krissie Kirby’s charisma shines through the technical problems at the beginning of the set and her voice does the rest.  As a band, these guys are only getting better.



Then (finally as far as I was concerned) came a chat with Laurence Archer and Danny Peyronel of X-UFO.  By their own admission, they find themselves in the same situation as The Black Star Riders – a “tribute” band, albeit one featuring former members of the band they are honouring, who have new material to showcase.  Going by what I heard of their set, I’m pretty certain this will be one band worth keeping an eye on.

Back tomorrow for day 2 – the Metal day.  The bands on my radar are Bull Riff Stampede, Incassum and Triaxis.  Others who are going to be worth checking out (so I’m told) are My Wooden Pillow and Sinnergod

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