SOS Festival, Day 2.

Bob The Bassist of Asylum City Zoo giving it some…erm… (Beardcore) Welly (Metal)!

So we start off today’s events with Asylum City Zoo.  A local four-piece with not a bad sound.  Good groove and a very charismatic bass player. As I found out in the interview I did with them, they categorise themselves as Beardcore Welly Metal. Nuff said!




Listening to A Thousand Enemies‘ acoustic set, they were really rather good. Their versions of Iron Maiden’s Wasted Years and The Evil That Men Do were a couple of crackers.

Expect to hear their material over the next few shows.

Epitaph – a little lacking in charisma onstage at the moment, but with time it’ll come. The songs are there already.

Next up on the main stage were Epitaph. A good, solid Trad Metal band. Kind of reminded me, in terms of sound, of Conquest Of Steel. Despite a decent set of songs, they are hampered a little by a lack of onstage charisma. But they are very young. That’ll come.  The tunes should carry them through, hopefully.

Then there came one of the bands I’d been looking forward to since I saw they’d added to the bill in place of the imploding Iron Knights: Soldierfield (or “Soldierhead” as our compere, Jim Hussell insisted on calling them!).  They really did not disappoint in any way.  Tight riffs, powerful sound, excellent stage presence, exemplary level of performance and a crushing delivery of the songs on their current EP.  Keep an eye open for these guys.  They have the potential to be massive.  Being that they’re also good blokes and the singer is a friend of Joel Graham‘s.  I’d been told they were going to be good, but I wasn’t expecting them to be as good as they turned out to be.  The only real problem with their set was that someone had chosen to light them almost entirely in red.  Not a good colour to get decent photos in.

Bloody red lighting!

The interview with Asylum City Zoo was a good laugh. Excellent bunch of lads. Very good interview. As much fun as their set. Bob the bassist… Yeesh!

This was when it all started getting very busy.  Flick’s interview with members of My Wooden Pillow became an audience participation event, when it was revealed she had bought herself some sushi for her dinner.  One of our esteemed colleagues opined that the only way for fish to be consumed was deep fried in batter, with chips. No, it wasn’t me! I love eating at Yo Sushi!

Anyway.  I interviewed My Wooden Pillow myself, then got to see them live.  They really were truly awesome.  My surprise package of the festival.  Tighter than a fish’s arse and with a sublime frontwoman.  Obviously influenced by Angela Grossow, but a more capable set of pipes.




On a little later in the day were another Death Metal band by the name of Incassum.


Again, very tight with a vocalist with lungs of leather and a demonic growl that deserves attention. Their acoustic set yesterday, compared with this showcases their vast songwriting ability and range.


Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to snag an interview with them.  I’ll just have to catch up with them at Bloodstock, where they (I believe) will be playing on the Jager Stage.

Interview-wise, next up were Burnley bruisers, ICON. If their music is as good as their banter, they’ll be as good as I hope they are! The two guys I interviewed were right on my wavelength.

By the way… What is it about people from Burnley that makes them natural comedians?  My great uncle Les was a born comic. Roy Bright from Exit State is also very funny, as were the guys from ICON. Is it something in the water?

Onto the big one, as far I was concerned, for the Metal Day.  Bull Riff Stampede.  I’ve been in contact with Jay, the lead guitarist, for a couple of years on and off.  He sent me a physical copy of the album not long after it came out.  Not only that, a recent addition to the line-up is, on bass, an old mate of mine: Rod “Of Iron” Boston, veteran of the Nottingham Metal scene and all round very decent bloke.  Who knows EVERYONE!

Anyway… were they any good?

Was the last pope a Nazi?

Foot on monitor? Check! We have achieved Full Metal Pose!

They were absolutely awesome.  Despite some pretty damned stiff competition, they were band of the day, as far as I was concerned.  We even got a new song.

…and that was it for another year for me. I had to go to work the next morning, so I was forced to miss out on both Triaxis and Babylon Fire. Ah well. That’s the way it goes sometimes.



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