Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLII

Wyrd Ways Rock Show

This week’s show is a real treat for any fans of Sabaton. Not only do I have, for your delectation, an interview recorded at Bloodstock with three of the new members of the band (including Snowy Shaw, who had literally just joined!), I also have an interview with ex-keyboard player, Daniel Myhr who now plays in Civil War. Not only that, there’s new material from Witherscape (Dan Swanö‘s new project), Taberah and Tyr, amongst others.

This week’s Covered is a little bit of an obscure one, unless you were around in the early 80’s, then you may well know the song. Anyway, as usual, you can get that and much more at www.wyrdwaysrs.com.

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show also appears as part of The Cast Iron Ring and internet radio stations such as Planet Mosh, Rock Stars Glued and Radio Metal On – The Heavy. See their listings for details.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

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