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Review by Connor Flello

With only five tracks up for show, American Head Charge have to show what they can do on their latest EP Shoot, and by the sounds of things they haven’t decided what they want to do with it. But everything is there, from that one track that will shatter skulls, to making everyone wave their lighters in the air, and dance?

Let’s talk this through first:

The opening track Writhe is the track that will have lighters flying everywhere, starting with the bass and drum connection and the simplistic distorted riff during the chorus, and vocalist Cameron Heacock sounds on top form.

Set Yourself on Fire is when all the distortion kicks in, turning everything into the album. The production on the guitars is crystal clear and momentous riffs conquer the song.

Next up is Sugars of Someday. It’s almost surreal having that on the album, as its electro-rock components seep through and want to make you dance. You can mosh, hardcore swing (please don’t) but ultimately this is almost a disco anthem.

The penultimate track, Sand is just destructive. It does kill the buzz from the last track, but its constant breakdowns are enough to strip a live venue right to its very foundations.

The EP closes with a cover of the Patti Smith song, Rock n Roll N_gger.  It’s straight out of the Seventies vibe re-establishes the atmosphere established by Sugars… for the last few minutes..

The ideas seem limited on this EP.  The band can expand on ideas but the execution seems slightly strange. But even in its incoherent state, we have to remember this is American Head Charge, and they know how to do things properly in the wake of their return, whilst opening a can of “whoop-ass” in the making.

Rating: ****/5

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6 thoughts on “American Head Charge – Shoot EP”

  1. I agree. The album doesn’t really have an identity. It doesn’t feel like American Head Charge in any way. Every now and then for a few seconds you’ll think you’ve got loyalty playing, but nothing from their breakout album “The War of Art”. I’m holding out for future releases and hope they return to their former glory.

  2. Saw these guys a couple times now on their latest tour and they are bringing it. I hope they keep this train rollling. There music it real, nothing crazy or complex but just good heavy metal.

  3. I’m taking off my Wyrd Ways hat for a minute here, and putting on my AHC fangirl hat. If you like this EP, or simply just want more headcharge in your life then check out their crowdfunding campaign for a full album! You can find it at:

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