Wyrd Ways Rock Show

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLVI


This week’s show is a bit of an accidental behemoth, topping the 3 hour mark for the first time in a while.  The running time is partly down to interviews with Steve Wilson, now formerly of Power Quest (interviewed by Mrs Wyrd Ways, not me!) and Kelly Sundown Carpenter, who is currently singer with Firewind.  Who is also in a rather interesting outfit called Darkology.  They’ll be in next week’s show.  There’s also a HUGE slab of Doom from a band called Conan.  There’s also rather a lot of Power Metal.  You’ll love it.  Find out how much at www.wyrdwaysrs.com.

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show also appears as part of The Cast Iron Ring and internet radio stations such as Planet Mosh, Rock Stars Glued and Radio Metal On – The Heavy.  See their listings for details.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

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