Death Toll Rising – Infection Legacy


Self Release on October 22 2013

Review by Suzi H

Death Toll Rising are a death/thrash metal outfit hailing from the wilds of Stony Plain, Canada and now based in  EdmontonInfection Legacy marks their second album which is, I am reliably informed being unleashed upon us on October 22nd. “But why Suzi?” I hear you cry “Should we be bothered by this band from somewhere in Canada we’ve never heard of?”. Listen closely friends, because I’m about to tell you.

If you like Carcass, Death, Strapping Young Lad, At The Gates, or Bloodbath then I can almost guarantee that you are going to like these guys. Scratch that – you’re going to LOVE them.

The album kicks off with the title track Infection Legacy. Following a creepy bit of spoken audio we head straight into some head shaking thrashing guitars and growling the likes of which I haven’t heard in a while. The palpable rage of this track is just… well brilliant. The chorus actually reminds me an awful lot of Cradle of Filthand is a storming start to an album.

Judas Cradle gives Bryan Newbury on drums a chance to share his skills with us, and again the thrash is just pounding from these guys before Jesse Beruba gives you the vocal smack down.  Scorched Earth Policy is one of the two singles from the album and begins with a fantastic guitar heavy intro that is bound to lead to a lot of windmilling, and a bang over from hell.

Born to Defile  pulls no punches and launches straight into an aural assault of excellence with some frenetic drumming and guitar riffs aplenty . It’s a curiously melodic track and leads beautifully into the other single from the album, Malice Incarnate. Don’t take my word for it that Malice is an excellent track- go and listen to it on YouTube  here . Go on, I’ll wait till you come back.

Right, now you’re back and you’ve had a chance to sample the sheer brilliance of DTR for yourself we’ll move onto Crack Open a Cold One.  This is a fast paced track with almost no let up from Jesse, as he growls and screams his way through over 5 minutes of head banging fast paced thrash. Slaughter to Survive  has some brilliant guitar lines in it courtesy of Mike Puff, Drew Copland and Tyler Dory. Tyler is a new addition to the band and is apparently responsible for the heavy prog element that runs through many of the tracks.

Revelation Despair  and Septic Entity round out the album as two very strong finishing tracks. I’m hard pressed to tell you why they’re so brilliant in lots of technical language because if I’m honest even on my fourth listen through of the album I was too busy head banging at my desk to write much down apart from ‘this is great’.

Infection legacy is going to be a great addition to many a metal heads death or thrash collections and has enough proggy guitar in it to also appeal to prog fans who don;t mind their music to be a bit thrashy with it. I’ve listened to the album four times now and every time I just find myself sitting there going ‘this is brilliant’ and headbanging away. Which admittedly doesn’t get you a fantastically technical review but does get you my very solid recommendation that come October 22nd you go and buy this album. Death Toll Rising are clearly on the up and I will be following them with great interest

Rating: ****/5

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