Trifixion – A Utopia for the Damned


Label: Pathologically Explicit Recordings.

Review by Mabh Savage

It’s nigh on impossible to ignore the reputation Trifixion are speedily getting for being blasphemous, shocking and downright sick, bolstered daily by hate mail from various ‘concerned individuals’, including many Christian groups. So I will try and screw my eyes shut and judge the album purely on artistic merit! And then go online and laugh at the hate mail.

The Human Construct is a bizarre but strangely atmospheric way to start the album, utilising what appear to be lines from Dogma to introduce the themes of the futility of religion and lack of personal responsibility. The contrast between this almost Pink Floyd-esque track and the driving harshness of Fucked in a Guttural Vortex is vicious, yet the two tracks roll on from each other seamlessly. Blast beats back up some surprisingly melodic guitars and the vocals move between a deep growl and a demonic screech. I couldn’t quite make out the lyrics, so looked them up online. Definitely NSFW.

When I reach Delta 9 Messiah, I am at first pleased with the change in tempo, then a little disappointed when the drummer and guitarist launch into a section that could be from the previous song. This only lasts a little time though, and gives way to some more gravelly vocals and several unusual changes which make me reminisce of German metal band Rage (apart from the vocal style of course). The Rage comparison rattles around my head as the next track, In Nomine Patris, starts with atonal guitars then dives straight into double bass pedal and relentless roaring. There are also lyrics about fornicating with bunnies. I’m not even kidding. This is the first hint that Trifixion perhaps don’t take themselves 100% seriously…

Bloodshot Porn is a bit more cheery which is reflected in a stomping beat; less thrashy than the previous offerings. This song seems to be about the joys of playing live and getting hammered. I could be wrong. But it’s almost like a happy little island in a sea of slightly tongue-in-cheek angst. Moving onto Showered in Glass in a World of Shit, you can tell straight away that we’re back to the depressing stuff, right? An example lyric is ‘People in the streets are covered in their own faeces’. It’s easy to dismiss this style of lyrics as designed to shock and nothing more, but it’s refreshing that Trifixion can put lines like this alongside,

 ‘We proceed to destroy without consequence
Life prelates this testament to bloodshot reality’ (The Last Apocalypse)

…showing that the swearing and shock treatment comes from a genuine desire to describe a frustration with a consumerist society hooked on religion and false morals. Hardly a new theme for metal bands, but one approached here with such vigour and venom that it’s kind of like having the message painted across your eyeballs with acid. In a good way. Honest.

Overall the album carries it off both musically, thematically and lyrically; it’s certainly grimmer than most things I would listen to, but the changes within the songs’ structures kept me interested, and my eyes popping out at the lyrical content were worth every second.

If you like wailing, ridiculously fast guitar solos, you will like this album. If you like really good growling vocals, then this is for you. If you want something cheerful? Don’t bother. This is dark, heavy and while slightly sarcastic in its approach of the carnal and corrupt themes within, is definitely not for those easily offended. By anything.

Rating: ****/5

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