Breached – Left Behind EP


Review by Cat A

Hailing from Toronto, Breached formed in 2010 after the meeting of four men in an undisclosed hospital delivery room. They are not my usual fare, I’ll be honest, but there is something about this EP and it’s melodic vocals on top of catchy rhythms that speaks to me and takes me back to the days at college when I was listening to Staind, Incubus and P.O.D.

Left Behind is their third EP, coming on the heels of their debut self titled EP and the acoustic version which followed to keep their fans happy, and I have to say that it is promising. There is definite power in the emotions that have been poured into the writing of these songs.

The title track had me singing along on my second listen and swaying along to the chorus, before launching into Piece By Piece with a more upbeat, punky sound with a few good screams mixed in, and the feel continues with All We Need. The passion that has gone into the writing and production is evident, and when the tempo drops for the next track, that energy is transferred to a different frequency and you really feel the lyrics of Brighter Days. This is for me where the vocal talent of Bobby Noakes shines the most, a real arms in the air song. The finale contains some almost Limp Bizkit-esque electronic sounds, but it blends well with the drums and guitars to sign off this five track offering with a bang.

Why should you give this band a listen? If you like bands such as Incubus, Staind and InMe then more than likely you are going to be impressed by them. I know that I will be keeping an eye out for them on the live circuit.

Rating: ****/5

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