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Review: Rick Ossian

Other than featuring a very cool album cover (there is a nice backpiece tattoo in there somewhere), this lot turn in some fine tunes for us with their Traits of the Sick recording.  Instrumental shredding (Comatose Era), punk/thrash workouts ( The Door Slams Shut, Deadbeat Beatdown, The Narcissist, and Feed Them Bullets), and plenty of no-holds-barred Metal boogie.  Trainwreck Architect are Simon Oulette on vocals, Renauld Baril and Raza Ali Khan on guitars, Marc-Antoine Blackburn on drums and Eric Latinas on bass. Together they form a remarkably tight unit — these lads play as if they’ve been together forever. Things do slow down a bit on a couple of tracks, but for the most part this is uptempo, Heavy Rock.

The Culprit features screaming and shredding, plus a guitar solo about two minutes in.  Die Like a Legend slams us hard in the intro, with chunky guitar riffs and a thumping double-bass drum attack, and a finely shredded solo in the middle.  The Door Slams Shut slightly recalls older Anthrax, with it’s thrashing punk workout and shouted chorus vocals.  Also features an excellent guitar solo at about three-and-a-half minutes in.

Deadbeat Beatdown is another firecracker with more shouting vocals on the chorus.   There is just enough vocal power here to describe borderline shrieks and growls, but it never descends into self-mockery. Hats off to Simon for his efforts here and elsewhere.

Rabid Psychotic Release, however, contains some ‘cookie monster’ vocals towards the end.  By this time the double bass attack may seem a bit laborious, but it fits.  It also features a sly guitar intro and a powerfully funky 70’s style groove, along with a Maiden-esque galloping rhythm and another guitar solo about 3 1/4 minutes in.  As Killers Breathe has everyone moving along at double time, and features guitar work from none other than Jeff Waters (Annihilator).  An interesting rhyme here in the lyrics (I can’t ask for miracles/so sing at my funeral). It works, but only just.

Dream Pariah features everybody slamming again, which is good.  This stuff is mostly uptempo, as mentioned before, but there are some minor lags in speed here and there.  Nothing to concern ourselves with really. The shouting vocals in the background are again effective, and again recalls Anthrax’s early days (Anti-Social, Indians, etc.). The Narcissist deploys the Maiden gallop again in the intro, along with some heavy chugging riffs and a demonic vocal about half-way through.

Feed Them Bullets, the final track, found this reader’s head banging along, purely in a voluntary manner, I assure you. It is a heavy, charging slammer, equal parts punk and thrash. There seems to be a pattern developing here. There you have it then : heavy guitars, lots of heavy drums – let’s face it, this is heavy everything. So, if you’re into the heavy stuff, here’s a great place to start!

Rating: ****/5

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