Circle of Rage – Rage in D-Minor

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Copro Records

Review by Suzi H.

Circle of Rage are a UK hardcore outfit, who as their name suggests are full of anti establishment rage and aren’t afraid to scream about it. Rage in D-Minor  is their first release and what a release it is.

Beyond The Barricades kicks the album off with a short sharp jab to the ribs- the start reminds me of early RATM and Tommo provides some rage filled screaming to back it up. Unnatual Selection lays down the promise of the album- this is no leisurely listen- each track is less than three minutes long (bar one- A Sheep in Wolfs Clothing which clocks in at 6 minutes longand with lyrics like ‘democracy is facism/ in a different guise’ you know what you’re getting.

Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo collates some very melodic guitars with a vocals that range from gloriously clean to tortured screams in a song that leaves you swept along in a tide of anger. It’s swiftly followed by the short and sharp OYFE, a track that allows skins man Xander an opportunity to shine. Food for Thought provides the same opportunity for  Veitch, Scott and Lee , the lads in charge of the guitars in CoR. I think Food for Thought is probably my favourite track from the album- it has some beautiful riffs in it, but at no point could it ever be called a relaxing track!

Freedom Credits has an ominous start to it. It’s a bit slower than some of the other songs, but as soon as Tommo starts singing you realise that the change of pace doesn’t mean anything. FTSE Fetish changes the rhythm again- it’s hard and fast and *angry* all the way through- and at 3 minutes long it’s one of the longest tracks on the album. If you want a relaxing listen this is the wrong album to try!

Cui Bono  and No News lead you through some fantastic riffs, and a haunting melody in Cui Bono, through to the punchier sound of No News is Good News. The final track is A Sheep In Wolfs Clothing- it’s a startling 6 minutes long, which is a surprise on an album that primarily consists of short sharp jabs to the ears! A Sheep has one of the slowest starts to a track on the album, and is the calmest… although calm is a word I hesitate to use with this release.

Rage in D-minor is a great offering, especially for a debut album and I look forward to having my eardrums assaulted with more of politically charged, rage filled rantings in the future. If you like your punk to be hard and heavy, then this is an album you’re going to want to add to your collection swiftly.

Rating: ****/5

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