Glamour of the Kill – Savages

Review by Mabh Savage

Label: Steamhammer

Always pleased to see fellow Tykes doing well, and these guys hail from York so that kind of gets them a point in their favour straight away. Described as both post-hardcore and metalcore, the overall style is a bit of a juxtaposition between very heavy guitars and surprisingly light and melodic vocals. I’m not sure I like this. It doesn’t quite sit right. The guitar solos wail in a way that would be appreciated by fans of Gamma Ray, and the riffs and hooks likewise. However, the vocals are so crisp and clean that they detract from the meatiness of the music, making me feel like this is a very young band.

Track three, The Only One, is basically a pop song. Very catchy, beautiful guitars; One Direction (blimey Mabh!  That’s a low blow! – Ed) style vocals. I feel like there is no passion here at all. I could well believe that the vocalist and the rest of the band recorded this in different rooms. In different countries! It’s well produced, don’t get me wrong; the harmonies are gorgeous and the guitars have just the perfect edge to them; but I just feel like someone is messing with me, like when you hear the first riffs of a song you love only to find out it suddenly has Beyoncé singing something reprehensible over it…

The next track illustrates for me why they are touring with Papa Roach over the coming weeks. Stomping beat, theme that anyone who has had a week job ever can relate to (Live for the Weekend) and little breaks and stops that could literally be off a Papa Roach track. The music is a little more intricate I would say, but the style is pretty unoriginal.

Freak Like Me (oh lordi, my band had a song named this when we were 19) is, despite being obviously a bit emo, quite exciting as someone has obviously said ‘Look a synth!’ and rubbed their little hands together with a wicked grin. The extra dimension given by the slightly operatic keys works well and this track is well worth the eyebrow twitching wait of the first four tracks.

By track six, it has become evident that GOTK have one key that they like to play in. Fine I guess, but it gets a bit samey after a while.

I wish I could give this album a higher score. It’s incredibly well produced, the guitars are legendary and the drums as hard hitting as you would wish from any self-respecting metal band. But it’s just so, so fluffy. I want the vocalist to growl. Or shout. Or sing with some gusto. If you like Papa Roach/Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit then this might be your cup of tea.

I actually got up and left to get an actual cup of tea.

It was lovely.

Rating: ***/5

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