GLITTERTIND release the first single; “Djevelsvart” from their new album “Djevelsvart”, out November 25th in the UK

And you can hear it here:

“Djevelsvart” is Glittertind’s first full-length album in 12 years, and the first album with a full band. The Norwegian band gives you a most original blend of folk, metal, punk and hard rock, and the upcoming album is definitely the darkest of all their releases, and will contain themes like the end of the Viking era and the time of independency!

With “Djevelsvart” (Eng. Devil Black), we are inviting you on a journey through the dark sides of life. Part of the inspiration for the lyrical concept of “Djevelsvart” derives from writers who by the end of the 19th century said something about what it means to be a modern human being. The writers had to relate to the fact that religion lost its power of explanation concerning man and the world, the alienation in the factory work, and the growth of the big cities. From being members of communities with close ties, they now found themselves to be aliens among aliens. Gradually, the individual has been left to itself to carry the responsibility of answering the question: Who am I?” – Glittertind

1: Inngang
2: Djevelsvart
3: Sundriven
4: Sprekk for Sol
5: Kvilelaus
6: Trollbunden
7: Nymåne
8: Tåketanker
9: Stjerneslør
10: Utgang

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