ARTILLERY posts video with studio footage of recordings for new album ‘Legions’!

ARTILLERY have just posted a video on their youtube with inside-the-studio footage from the Legions recording sessions. Check it out here:

Comments Legions producer Soren Andersen: “If you’re a hardcore Artillery fan, you won´t be disappointed when you hear the forth coming album. Classic Artillery, but with new elements. A new drummer, a new singer, 10 new songs, great lyrics, killer riffs etc… We did the album in 3 weeks, without looking back. There is so much new energy this time, and the band plays better than ever. One reason: They are touring more than ever. This is a real metal band that plays real music for the right reason. They don’t give a damn about the fame, the look or the party… It’s all about the music. That’s how I see them, and that’s the vibe when we are working together. The new drummer Jos is a monster drummer with feel, swing, attitude and skills. I find that very giving for the band, and he’s a great guy, too. Likewise, Michael fits the band perfectly. His voice is very big and very classic. He has his own perfect spot between Soren and Flemming, and again: Great lyrics! Hope you’ll enjoy the album as much as I did in the process of the creation!”

Make sure to head over to the landing page  where you can stream the first single Chill My Bones and check out the pre-order options for Legions!

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