Tales Along The Old Corpse Road – Episode 1

In this series Dr Jim IronLord will travel to the far corners of the country, visiting the sites of the myths, legends and folklore regaled to us by Old Corpse Road, filming his findings… and he might even be accompanied by those of a similar interest.

63 minutes – yes, 63 – of your time will be required to marvel at this masterpiece. See Dr jim and Keri hauling themselves up the steep slope of the Old Corpse Road and nearly join the dead who may not be at rest in doing so. See Dr Jim dig up a bluebell in what he thought was Naddle Forest, and have the Oakmen inflict their terrible vengeance (which they haven’t stopped doing, either). See Jim and Keri chug across Lake Windermere on a ferry and stare at the blinding sun in search of the Crier of Claiffe, and track him down to Furness Abbey.

Then, in a stirring finale, Jim’ll grab some reinforcements who know a thing or two about Oakmen and see if he can’t get his own back. Also featuring will be the covers of both versions of The Echoes Of Tales Once Told, the pleb CD and the trøø tape, exactly as they are in reality, only a few minutes’ walk from each other!

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