Prospekt – The Colourless Sunrise

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Review by Suzi H

I should say at this point in the spirit of full disclosure and all that jazz, that I’m not entirely unbiased on this one. Not only do Prospekt hail from my home town of Oxford – making me instantly more inclined to like them – but I know their drummer, Blake, in a vague sort of  “he’s mates with some of my mates and we’ve had one or two brief conversations” sort of way. Ergo, I’m definitely much more biased towards liking them.

That being said, this is Prospekt’s debut release and certainly around the local scene (which is in my experience inclined towards the thrash and obscure grind end of the metal spectrum) there’s a lot of fuss being made of these lads and their prog metal outfit which has been compared in some reviews to Dream Theater. That’s a big comparison to be making, and whilst I would normally leave Prog albums to our resident master Rick, these guys are from my turf, so I’m gonna just steam right ahead.

The Colourless Sunrise is their first full length release and it kicks of with the more prog than thou A Desolate Kingdom – the vocals on this are absolutely ridiculously sublime – and in my not even slightly humble opinion this is certainly a start that does warrant the comparisons to Dream Theater.

Dissident Priests continues in the same vein – this is a very high quality release and I must admit I wasn’t expecting something as totally polished from a debut release. The guitars are the perfect complement to some very melodic vocals, and the drumming is…… crazy. The pace changes are mental and it’s just a fantastic listening experience. Also, two tracks in and I am in riff heaven. I’m almost regretting not just sending this to WWRS‘s resident Prog God Rick, just because the thought of him weeping happy tears makes me feel kindly towards humanity. Anyhow………..

Eternal Memories confuses me slightly but that’s because I don’t expect to go from wonderful prog into George Dubya Bush ranting about terrorists. I’m very allergic to Republicans so, I did have a small outbreak of hives at that point. No worries, antihistamine taken and then we move into Shroud.

Shroud brings a change of tone and pace and is seven and a half minutes of pure prog heaven. It’s slightly darker in tone and a little heavier than the previous two tracks but it holds it’s own and is a great continuation of the promise of the start of the album. After Shroud  you get the 13 minute long title track – The Colourless Sunrise. This track doesn’t need me to talk about it.  In fact I’m going to tell you to just sit down, nice and quietly and listen to it with your feet up. Come back when you’re done and we’ll talk about the rest of the album.

Finished? See what I mean? I can rhapsodize about how good this is, about the quality of the guitars, the perfection of the drums and the clarity of the vocals, but you won’t believe me and you’ll think I’m just bigging the band up because of my aforementioned natural bias.

Visions has got a gorgeous keyboard intro and then it slides into some vocals. It’s soft and orchestral and the vocal track is sublime. Like, actually sublime. There’s a little 3 and a half minute long piece of heaven right here. And after that you slam right back into all of the riffs with the somewhat appropriately named The Great Awakening.

The Great Awakening is all swooping riffs, and thundering drums and left me a little dizzy. In a good way, but dizzy nonetheless. I find myself not wanting to write about the album and just listen to it – always an excellent sign! Shutter Asylum is one of the shortest tracks on the album coming in at a terribly short 4:41. The video for this track will be debuting at SANCTUM so if you are in easy travel distance of Oxford make you come down and see it – it will be worth it! It is I feel the least progressive track on the album but that doesn’t stop it being another little piece of awesome.

Finally, we come to Hunting Poseidon and the end of the album. It’s a finale that’s the icing on the cake of awesome that the rest of the album has given us. It’s also twelve minutes long and is a lie back, close your eyes and just sink into the music sort of track.

If it weren’t for the fact I know it’s definitely true I wouldn’t believe that this is a debut full length album. It’s polished, it’s professional and most of all it’s really, really bloody good. I don’t often hand out 5 star ratings – and I’ve never handed out two in one day before – but this release definitely warrants 5 stars. Watch these guys carefully – they have big, big things ahead of them. If you’re interested the album launch party is on the 15 November and details are here.


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  1. Suzy I think you did a fantastic job, but then I’m kind of biased, as you are towards your mates in the band. I knew it would be good when you mentioned them – you wouldn’t do that lightly. So glad I picked up the mp3 from my trusty amazon folks. Thanks again!

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