Powercake – A Dark Prologue



Hailing from the southern reaches of England come cake fetish fiends Powercake, who despite the name, don’t write about cake. Formed for a Music Performance course at a college in Buckinghamshire, the four piece are still fairly new to the scene though their metal campaigns already show promise, with a confirmed slot at Valkyrian Festival and their debut EPA Dark Prologue.

The EP opens with the alluring symphonic harmonies of Vengance before the marching of guitars charge in like reinforcements on the battlefield. The vocals are lacking the strength and distinction needed for this style of metal but they definitely show potential. Wings Of Tomorrow glides in with a symphonic passage, one that is several shades of Cimmerian deeper than Vengance. The guitars are vastly melodic in their style, contrasting a grandoise style into the music. The keyboards add a subtle hint of velvet between the guitars and the rhythm sections, keeping the song soft but still with some bite.

The middle track, Dragonheart, screams out like a banshee, unleashing some of the typical building blocks of power metal: ear-catching hooks, soaring keys and noticeable vocals. The following track, Into The Darkness, almost comes off as a Powerwolf track minus the lycanthropic lyrics and overly-majestic symphonic passages. The vocals again show potential but require some work before they can reach that potential.

The EP finishes off with Akerdragium (Don’t ask me how to pronounce that because I have no clue!). The track has a grittier sound and style, with the riffs cutting through the atmosphere like a knife through butter whilst the drums and bass thunder on behind. The lyrics are heartfelt, which can be heard clearly through the vocals. The track gradually builds into a furious, high-speed onslaught before going back to its previous pace which is definitely a poignant manner in which to end the EP.

Powercake might only be a young band on the scene but the talent and potential of the band speaks for itself. While the vocals are the only thing lacking within the band, there is potential for the vocals and with some time to improve, the frontman might even be able to match the likes of Fabio Lione or Matt Barlow.


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