Oxford RockSoc Presents: Don’t Go Plastic, Hot Magenta and Annero

I try and avoid going out during the week. Aside from the fact that I’m normally busy on a Tuesday night, being knackered and slightly hung-over on a work day sucks. But, it’s half term and all my friends were going so I found myself last night upstairs at renowned Oxford venue The Wheatsheaf for the Oxford RockSoc night.

Oxford RockSoc are pretty good- this is no university society of half arsed students using everything as a pretext to get drunk- these guys love their music and put a lot of effort into organising good line ups and decent nights. Boy did they ever pull it off last night!

I’ll be honest I missed the first ten minutes of garage punk band Don’t Go Plastic. Which was, in retrospect, a terrible mistake on my part because they were brilliant. They have a very raw sound, and their set was by no means polished but what they lack in finesse they made up for in terms of sheer energy and great stage presence- these guys know how to work a crowd. Also, their drummer is without a doubt the best drummer I’ve ever seen- the guy never misses a beat and he drums HARD.

Don’t Go Plastic- Photo Credit Suzi H

Hot Magenta came on next- I vaguely know their drummer Casper and we’d already chatted so I had idea that what I was about to get was from them. I’d underestimated them- they were even better than I expected. These guys do fantastic hard rock, and bounce around the stage like little dynamos!  Their singer is brilliant and whilst I try and avoid comparison’s she’s like an alarming yet awesome combination of Juliette Lewis and Karen O. Hot Magenta have an EP out- I’ll be reviewing it shortly over on the Review blog- but if you just can’t wait to hear my take on it you can lay your grubby little mitts on it over on Amazon for less than £3. Epic!

Hot Magenta- Photo Credit Suzi H

Last up, and hotly anticipated were Annero. I’m known for having a fairly relaxed approach to music and genres – I listen to anything and everything and divide music into three categories – stuff I like, stuff I don’t like, stuff I haven’t heard yet – but I do have to say metal is my favourite of all musics, and man, Annero bring the metal. They are loud, and angry and their vocalist Craig screams like a herd of charging, angry rhinos. In short, they are amazing. I head banged harder there than I have done seeing the like of Iron Maiden. You can get hold of their EP To The Bones on CDBaby and do make sure you check out their Facebook page for upcoming dates. Annero are currently unsigned but if they keep on performing like they did last night I can’t see that remaining the case for very long.

Annero- Photo Credit Suzi H

Shows like this are an absolute godsend- for the grand sum of a fiver entry and whatever you want to spend at the bar you can have a night out watching some damn good bands. It’s vital, if you want to see more metal in the mainstream, that actually you go and check out your local scene, and support the good bands by going to their shows and buying their music. KEEP YOUR LOCAL METAL SCENE ALIVE!

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