Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLVIII

This week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show comes in the week of the fourth anniversary of the passing of Evile bass player, Mike Alexander. This week’s show, then, is dedicated to his memory. You’ll be hearing four tracks from the start of Evile’s career as tribute. Alongside that, there’s a cover version you should all recognize, interviews with Nick Menza (ex-Megadeth), as conducted by new team member, Alison “Metalbabe” Cohen, and Asylum City Zoo, as conducted by myself at The SOS Festival in Manchester back in July. As usual, you also will be getting a plethora of new stuff and the return of Asomvel Time and Shock Of The New, featuring three bands you’ve (probably) never heard before. Bit of a warning: this is another one weighing in at around 3 hours, so prepare to immerse yourself in the finest Rock and Metal…

Dregen – Just Like That
Alter Bridge – Bleed It Dry
Scar The Martyr – Mind’s Eye
Covered: Mystic Prophecy – Crazy Train
Alice In Thunderland – Take To The Limit
Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington – Black Heart
Spotlight 1: Evile – Killer From The Deep
Megadeth  – High Speed Dirt
Nick Menza Interview
Megadeth – Tornado Of Souls
Spotlight 2: Evile – Hundred Wrathful Deities
Asylum City Zoo – Crawl
Asylum City Zoo Interview
Asylum City Zoo – 5x The Pain
LBAEI 1: Pantera – Fucking Hostile
LBAEI 2: Manowar – Call To Arms
LBAEI 3: Metallica – Battery
LBAEI 4: Rage Against The Machine – People Of The Sun
LBAEI 5: Alice In Chains – Dam The River
Down – Witchtripper
Heretic – Raise Your Fist
Deadlock – Darkness Divine
Spotlight 3: Evile – Thrasher
SOTN 1: Zoltar Speaks – Last Man Standing
SOTN 2: Black Harvest – Ingrate
SOTN 3: Bad Pollyanna – The Living Dead
Spotlight 4: Evile – Cemetery Gates
Asomvel – Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing
VAMPS – Vampire Depression
Huntress – Alpha Tauri
Last Track: Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Prime Mover

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