Anubis Gate – Sheep (free) EP


Nightmare Records

Review by Rick Ossian

Go to the front page of Nightmare Records website and you will find Denmark prog/power metal stalwarts Anubis Gate giving away 23 minutes of new music via their Sheep EP.  What you will be listening to once you download this little 3-song bonanza is the precursor to 2014’s Horizons LP.  Many of the group members are listed in works past as having done double duty on their instruments.  Henrik Fevre, for example, is by turns mentioned as a vocalist, guitarist and a bassist.  If I’m reading the bio correctly, there were TWO Morten Sorensen(s) as well, one having been a vocalist and one who is currently their drummer.  Confused yet?  Just wait!  Kim Olesen is also listed as keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist.  Michael Bodin is also listed as bassist.  I hesitate to mention my source (Wikipedia), as they have been slagged recently in PROG Magazine by none other than Mr. Prog Rock God Rick Wakeman himself.  Perhaps ’tis time for another research page…

Destined to Remember is a powerful vocal number, one of which “a slightly different version will appear on Horizons“.  There are also heavy rock sections featuring double bass drum and a bit of shred on the guitar.  I am definitely looking forward to hearing a fully realized version in the coming year!


Sheep, of course, is a brilliantly executed and mostly faithful cover of Pink Floyd‘s exquisite track from their highly underrated Animals LP.  I was very excited when confronted with this nine-and-three-quarter minutes behemoth.  There is a bit of a power-metal twist to the vocals – I just wish I could see the look on Roger Waters‘ face if/when he hears it.  This is gorgeous stuff, and anybody who fancies themselves a Floyd fan would do well to give it a listen.  Something Carl said in the last Wyrd Ways Rock Show in reference to Death Angel‘s cover of Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell comes to mind.  It is, as always, interesting to hear a cover version of a tune, and faithful covers are preferred, in this scribe’s opinion.  However, as Carl mentioned, there is something to be said for putting your own stamp on things.  Anubis Gate employs a bit of both approaches with their Floyd number.

Alas, the other cover, Mr. Mister‘s Broken Wings, may not be as familiar to a metal/hard rock audience, as they were more of a pop chart sensation, brief though their fling with the charts may have been (their tune Kyrie also made an appearance).  It is, again, a very faithful cover, with a tasteful guitar solo at the fade-out.  The extended bit at the end is an excellent touch.

There you have it, then – a thoroughly enjoyable preview, if you will, of things to come for Anubis Gate.  Enjoy!


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