Linkin Park – Recharged

Warner Bros

Review by Suzi H

Right, I’m going to be brutally honest here.  I LOVE Linkin Park.  I have loved them, since as a very messed up and suicidal teenager I heard Hybrid Theory and I very firmly credit tracks like Crawling with saving my life by letting me see that other people felt that bad too and it wasn’t just me.

So I’m a long time fan.  I loved them through everything they did, included the first remix album and I really liked Living Things.  Sure it was a little on the dance-y side, but I’m a happy Goth who likes industrial.  A little dance with your Metal is fine by me.  This evening Carl asked me if I’d review the new album Recharged and I was happy to – I mean it’s Linkin Park, I love them so much I’m busy trying to beg, borrow and steal my way into Download and go to my first ever festival to see them perform Hybrid Theory – so it’s gonna be good right??

WRONG.  I mean honestly, so, so so, wrong.  I’m going to write this review by basically cutting and pasting the things I said on my Facebook status for you all to see because, despite the copious swearing and invoking of a god I refuse to worship, I very firmly believe in the Wyrd Ways Ethos: we write honest reviews.  Not the ones people want to read, honest ones.

The first track is an original in an album of remixes – A Light That Never Comes.  My reaction was as follows:

I do not like this. Jesus I feel SICK!”

So it’s all off too a great start.  Never mind, I said to myself, you like Linkin Park.  Every album has a rubbish track on it.  Even Hybrid Theory has that annoying one you skip through every time.

Track 2 is a remix of Castle of Glass.  I really like the original version.  I felt even more sick listening to this remix.  Honestly, I like to dance, I like heavy beats and I like Nu Metal.  This is horrible.

Lost in The Echo gained this reaction from me:


I am not, to be clear, entirely opposed to the wub wub.  This however was just AWFUL.  Every time I played a new track my reaction was:


I’d like to re-iterate at this point I am a massive Linkin Park fan and Chester and co if you’re reading this please forgive me but you did a BAD THING.  Nobody is allowed to let Mike Shinoda do remixes EVER AGAIN.  He ruined Castle of Glass and then he did  something horrible to Victimized.

I’ll Be Gone had me almost hopeful for a moment – I said:

Oh Jesus, I’ll Be Gone is actually not terrible so far.  However I can’t tell if that’s because it’s not horrible, or if it’s just not horrible in comparison to the TERRIBLE THINGS I just listened to.

However about thirty seconds in this happened:

“Oh no I spoke to soon. Now they’re doing a horrible 90’s accelerating noise and now someone called Pusha T is rapping very badly”

By this point I was literally crying.  I have never ever required moral support to get through an album before.  By track 6 I was bemoaning the fact I wasn’t even half way through the album.  Lies, Greed Misery  is a track which in it’s original format I thoroughly enjoyed.  And now it’s a horrible dubstep ridden rotting, necrotic corpse that has been broken and violated beyond all human sensibility.  Roads Untravelled  wasn’t any better.  Every time I thought I was onto something tolerable there would either be some horrible 90’s clubland accelerated beats or some wub wub noises.  And in some of the later tracks they COMBINED THOSE TWO THINGS!  I have never wanted to die listening to an album before, and I did during this, so it was a unique experience.

By the time I hit track ten and Burn It Down, I was despairing. I loved Burn It Down – it’s probably my favourite track from Living Things.  Thankfully for my career in the music biz it was tolerable.  I just can’t work out if it was actually alright or if it was just a relief from the previous horror.  I’m going with the latter to be honest.

I think I started writing this review by the time I hit Until it Breaks (Datisk remix) because if I am honest there is no way on this Earth I’m giving this album a second listen through and I just wanted to get the whole thing down before I blocked out the memories to save my battered psyche.  Skin to Bone  was thoroughly ruined, and the second remixed version of Until It Breaks took a track that wasn’t that good in the original and just Frankenstein-ed the shit out of it.

At this point my only hope is that the Rick Rubin remix of A Light That Never Comes is good.  Rick Rubin is a  legend so it can’t be that bad right?

It was……. vaguely OK.  I could cope if someone played it in the same room as me, but I sure as hell won’t be adding it to my music collection.

This album is a horrific abomination.  There are literally two tracks that did not have me screaming for the brain bleach.  I had to GRIT MY TEETH to get through parts of it.  I have spent the last few days defending the Download 2014 line up for having Linkin Park in it and making clear my intention to go and scream my black little heart out to Crawling  and One Step Closer and I was massively excited about the mere possibility of getting to interview them.  Now I am bitterly disappointed, heartbroken even that such a pile of absolute steaming shite has been released – I mean surely SOMEONE at Warner Bros had to say ‘Guys, I understand you want to be experimental but this is a TERRIBLE IDEA and your fans will hate it‘?

And in my bitterly disappointed and heartbroken state, I am giving this album NO STARS.  Not a one.  I said halfway though I would rather listen to tone deaf tweenagers singing along to that warbly annoying Taylor Swift song.

And I really, really would.

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