Annero – To the Bones

Self Released

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Review by Suzi H

So Annero are a regular and popular feature of my local metal scene and general all round nice guys and this is their self-released EP. Now I’d already seen these guys live (and reviewed them here) and so I’m slightly biased towards them being excellent. In order to avoid just raving like a frothing fangurl I have left reviewing the EP several weeks since the gig so I can give it a fresh listen.

The EP kicks off with the brutal and bloody Hurt You. Craig on vocals can growl and howl like an unholy creature of the deep and the guitars and drums just add to the brutality. This is a short sharp jab to the ribs and it’s clear to see why the band prefer to remain un-genre’d. The sound is a little chaotic but I find it’s a good thing and just adds to the general brutality of the music.

In The Blood kicks of with some militaristic drumming which is then joined by heavy guitars. Don’t be fooled by the heavy though there’s a brilliant melodic element to it and then just over a minute in we get those brutal vocals just layering over the top and wham! a little piece of angry heaven is suddenly yours. I have absolutely no idea what the hell Annero are so angry about, but they are certainly making constructive use of it.

My Wrath starts with some very fast guitars and slams right into vocals- there’s no mucking about here, and I think lyrically speaking this is a track where the boys get to show their writing skills off as well as their instrumental ones- ‘You think this life is but a dream? / I’m gonna show you a twisted nightmare‘. Think this one gets favorite track status from me.

The EP rounds out with Life 3D and Kiloton, both of which, are very good tracks, and lead me to believe that we should be expecting great things from these guys in future. Kiloton does kick off with some spoken word which is… interesting and stands out on an album of growling.

The production is a little sloppy, and could be cleaned up – it’s evident this is a self release and that these guys are relatively early in their careers, but what it does show is some really great talent – and I really hope they get the backing to go on and make something epic of this talent. Live they absolutely tear up a stage and so I’m going to give them a nice solid 4 stars and an encouragement to hurry up and produce something else soon!

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