A Perspective on Money from Dave De La Haye

I know there is considerable expense in ‘doing stuff’ for either publishing or broadcast. It does cost, what with travel, equipment, internet and server costs. When the passes to festivals dried up (due to promoters cutting their media budgets) I had to seriously re-evaluate what I was doing.

I used to broadcast Rock & Metal bands on my radio show. I invested thousands in my broadcast studio. I never charged anyone money for airplay, but when the assistance in getting material dried up & I could no longer afford to subsidise bands and festivals media exposure, I simply stopped doing it.

I have been badgered by a few people to do my shows again & I appreciate the complemetary feedback, but I have a lot of explaining to do to my missus about why I should start spending time & money broadcasting again in the new year (which I had planned to do). For a two hour radio show I was putting in over seven hours work, which included travelling to gigs, recording interviews, editing, researching and producing the show. Not only that, as my show was live, it totally wiped out all my Sundays!

Fair play to all the bands that have given me promotional CD‘s, which I have played with gratitude on my show. I am less than happy with the cutback however by some of the larger festivals media budgets, which have starved me from broadcast material and also exposure for the bands that dearly need it. It is kinda shooting the business in the foot.

I also played in a band which relied on media exposure & know how important it is, so please make sure that you support journalists and radio presenters that spend their own money trying to provide an outlet for your music (You don’t have to pay a fee for a review to do that though!)

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