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Noctum – 22nd November 2013


In 2009, in Uppsala in Sweden, the band that would become Noctum came together under the name Séance.  Two years later, they got to use that name for their debut album.  With their second album, Final Sacrifice, the band continue to tap the very same zeitgeist that Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Avatarium and Mount Salem have tuned into.

Suzi had a chat with Tobias Rosen…

Guys, thank you for taking the time to talk to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show- we really loved your album Final Sacrifice so please introduce yourself for our readers –
I’m Tobias, the bassplayer from Noctum.

Final Sacrifice is a really dark, heavy and very retro album – what is the story behind it? We know it’s a fictional narrative – can you share the story with fans?
No, we have decided not to reveal any specific details regarding the story’s plot.

And which bands would you say have influenced you the most? There’s a clear Black Sabbath influence, but who else do you really feel has pushed your music in the direction it took for Final Sacrifice?
There’s a wide range of genres, We’re influenced by everything between Bo Hansson and Shocking Blue to Venom and Death Breath.

Which of the tracks is your favourite- I hear a lot of artists who say they have a favourite track when they’re recording and then another favourite when the album is released – have you guys found this?
My personal fav song would be The Revisit, and Conflagration.

So looking forward to 2014- will you be doing a lot of touring in support of the album? Can we tell the UK fans that they’ll get to see you?
We want to tour as much as possible so hopefully we’ll see you in the UK 2014, we would love to go there.

Talking of touring – which festivals would you really love to play in 2014? If you could pick any one which one would it be?
Wacken, Hellfest, Download, Rock am ring in Europe.

Alright, a fun question- you can re-write the score for any movie and replace it with your own music- which film would you pick?
Död Snö.

And finally if you could listen to any 5 songs right now, what would they be?
The Smiths – Vicar in Tutu
Death breath – Death Breath
Townes Van Zandt – Waitin’ Around to die
The Black Explosion – Golden Future
Twisted Sister – Tear it Loose

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