Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume 2

Review by: Cat A

Interruption by: Suzi H

Prospect Park

If you read my review of the first volume of this double offering from Five Finger Death Punch you will know that I am a huge fan of the band, and was ridiculously excited for the release. After hearing the first one though, I was a little disappointed compared to their previous offerings. So it was with a completely open mind that I picked up Volume 2.

First observations: There are none of the guest vocalists that were a large part of Volume 1, and there is only one song over four minutes long – and that’s the cover version! With trepidation, much finger crossing and praying to a deity I do not believe in I press play. What follows is 40 minutes of one of the best albums I have heard in a long, long time. Wow. It’s a mixture of all that has captured the fans of 5fdp since they came onto the scene with their particular brand of Metalcore. Call them mainstream all you like, slate them as not metal if you so desire, but 5fdp know what they’re doing, and what they do is write catchy songs with great riffs, catchy vocals and driving rhythms that really connect to the audience.

As all the songs are so short, there are a lot of them, and I won’t bore you with a track by track breakdown. Personal favourites are Weight Beneath My Sin, which has a chorus that I’ve been happily singing along so much I’ve been told to shut up by my other half, and asked if I’m listening to that song again. It’s followed by Wrecking Ball, which is not something that I advise you leave open if you have young children who may mistake it for another ‘artist’ entirely and get an ear full of parental guidance.

Battleborn is the single that was the teaser for this album; one of the powerful ballads about being away from home. There’s a short instrumental in The Agony of Regret which remains full of emotion without having to need lyrics. Of course there’s the cover, and with the House of the Rising Sun a song that almost everybody knows, it takes a lot of confidence to put your own spin on it, let alone pull it off spectacularly and make the song your own.

*INTERRUPTION KLAXON* Right, sorry, Suzi H here jumping in to ask, nay DEMAND, why you haven’t gone and bought this album yet? I’ve never listened to FFDP before yesterday, and found this album to be so ridiculously and sublimely good that I’ve listened to it three times since breakfast!

There is no filler on this album – every track brings you melodic hate and rage, beautifully crafted into 4 minute snippets of heaven. And if you don’t believe me go and listen to ‘Battle Born’ and tell me it doesn’t give you all of the feels! Anyway, I’ll hand you back over to my Evil Twin, but take her advice and go and listen to this album, right now!


Thanks for those kind words Not Evil Twin!

As with Volume 1 there isn’t anything really that will turn someone who is averse to them into a Knucklehead, but the negatives about the first volume I retract for this one. There’s none of the solos which feel forced, and the whole album feels a lot tighter and flows better. I’m trying to find a negative here, I’m really trying but I just can’t. In fact I’ve had it on repeat pretty much non stop for a fortnight. Still not bored. Even the almighty Editor was heard to declare that “it’s a bit good”. My only complaint was that there wasn’t any more, so I left it on repeat and went round again.

My advice is that even if you’re a bit unsure of whether you like them or not that you pick this album up and give it a try. There’s something on there for every mood you might be in.

Rating: *****/5

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