Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXV

So you want to know what’s in this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show, do you?  Well, you came to exactly the right place.  Not only can you expect to hear interviews with Karybdis and Jay from Bull Riff Stampede, you will also be hearing about three bands that have been added to the Bloodstock line-up for 2014 as well as new stuff from Chrome Division and Behemoth.  There’s also all the usual gubbins like Covered and a in the week of the 9th anniversary of the death of Dimebag Darrell, more than a little Pantera.  That OK?

Grand Magus – Triumph And Power
Hammerfall – Patient Zero
Chrome Division – Endless Nights
Covered: Five Finger Death Punch – A New Level
Heaven’s Basement – I Am Electric
The Treatment – The Doctor
Spotlight 1: Pantera – Walk
Karybdis – War For Land
Karybdis Interview (Ebony B)
Karybdis – Strain
Spotlight 2: Pantera – Fucking Hostile
Bull Riff Stampede – Mask Of Five Skulls
Bull Riff Stampede Interview
Bull Riff Stampede – Minotaur
LBAEI 1: Lamb Of God – Walk Me In Hell
LBAEI 2: Machine Head – Davidian
LBAEI 3: Pantera – Suicide Note Part 2
LBAEI 4: Megadeth – This Day We Fight
LBAEI 5: Onslaught – Power From Hell
Lacuna Coil – Trip The Darkness
Carcass – Unfit For Human Consumption
Primordial – Fallen To Ruin
Spotlight 3: Pantera – Goddamn Electric
Tyrants Blood – Fragments Of A Dying World
Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Spotlight 4: Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Asomvel – Final Hour
Madness Of The Night – We Are Gothrockers And We Don’t Care
Last Track: Black Sabbath – Hole In The Sky