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review by Rick Ossian

When I first read the bio, I must confess to being extremely impressed, what with the kudos from Nightwish alum Tuomas Halopainen and all.  This gal-pal group from Finland should have been a 4-star release easily.  I mean, they got to warm up for Nightwish…they must be great – right? WRONG.  Now, don’t go toddling off to your latest record store defeat just yet.  Let me explain myself.  These ladies are very musically oriented.  There are some very compelling violin passages here, for example.  However, if you are searching for progressive metal, this is NOT the place you want to be right now.  There are an infinite number of bands that could do that for you, but Indica are not your girls.

That being said, if you like your rock a bit more on the poppy side, then Indica should light up your entire day and then some.  There is some brilliant pop balladry going on here, from the beautiful piano intros of Uncovered, Run Run, Here and Now, Missing, Hush Now Baby, Behind the Walls, you get the picture — nearly the entire recording is littered with lush violin passages, sumptuous vocals, and even a wee guitar solo amidst jangly U2 pop-rock (A Kid in the Playground).  My point is, this may not necessarily be the metal news of the day, but it is rather musical, and for that alone is noteworthy.

Mountain Made of Stone, the opener, is a poetically moving number that kicks in at about the 3-minute mark.  The repetitive nature of the vocal (‘I am what I am’) gets a bit much, but overall a nice track, I think.  Uncovered, mentioned above, is a bit mellower, with less bite than some of its companions here.  A Definite Maybe is poppy with a cool little guitar strummed intro, and could almost be a pick of the month over at AOR Magazine.  Goodbye to Berlin is a bit heavier – but just a tiny bit – still poppy (‘cos I’ll be back again‘).


Run Run again features violin and lovely wonderful guitars strumming (note the dripping sarcasm). The intro is very pretty, and this boasts a strong vocal, but it is a bit tepid for this writer’s taste.  Here and Now could easily be another poppy chart-topper, including a particularly haunting violin passage amidst more piano balladry.  Missing is beautiful, but, alas, NOT Metal really at all.  It would not be amiss on the pop charts, however.  I’m starting to sound a bit like a broken record again here, perhaps, but you get the point.  On with the show!

Hush Now Baby could be more pure balladry, but it strikes me as perhaps similar but with a twist.  This track could even be a lullaby. Lush, lovely vocals, more piano and guitar strumming.  Behind the Walls gives us more piano intro(s), and, indeed, the piano remains the key (sorry) to this track throughout. It is ballad-esque again, with a bit more of a pop-rock edge.  I distinctly recall hearing my wife giving me crap during the listening of this particular track, something about ‘Hello Kitty‘.  I said, ‘what’s that, wench?’ ‘You heard me’, she said.  Anyway, you guys (and gals) are smart, you understand what I’m on about.

The closing number, War Child, actually soared a bit on the wings of a progressive-rock edge.  It is another moving, violin-laden, ballad-y kind of tune.  While I’m at it, I might as well say it- nearly ALL of the tracks here will ring resoundingly in your ears, but will more likely please the sonic palettes of your youngsters.  Kudos for being purely musical enough to vaguely attract my attention.  I’m sure these ladies will improve with age, like a fine wine, as they say.


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