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Sorry to have to do this folks, but financial realities have come crashing down hard.  If you want to hear the interviews with Mia Klose on this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show, recorded at both Hard Rock Hell AOR 1 and Bloodstock 2013, you’ll have to go the Download Shop page on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show website and pay your £1 for the download.

Of course you can always listen to the edited version of the show on either Planet Mosh at 8pm in the UK on Wednesday or via streaming from the WWRS website, but you’ll be missing some of the best parts of the show.

You may ask why I’m doing this.  You may decide to stop listening.  So be it.  The reason I’m doing this is so I can afford to carry on doing it.  CDs and MP3 downloads aren’t free (although I do get some from the record companies, that doesn’t cover everything), neither are the hosting costs for the website or the podcast hosting.  I spend a lot of time working on this.  My weekend is swallowed up and so are my evenings.  Personally, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to request £1 if you want to download and hear the full version of the show at higher quality than the streaming version.

That’s all.


For the Americans, that’s less than a couple of bucks.  Three hours of music for less than the price of a drink.  Isn’t that worth it?

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