Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXI: Update


The radio broadcast quality (128k) edited version of this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show is now available for download here for free, if you click the link.

Remember, for the knockdown price of £1, you can get the full version of the show from here, which was recorded at 192k and is something like an hour longer, containing both of the full Mia Klose interviews from Hard Rock Hell AOR I and Bloodstock Open Air 2013.

Remember, the reason I am forced to do this is because I’m finding myself in potentially dire financial straits, so I need The Wyrd Ways Rock Show to be making money or I may not be able to afford to carry on, which would be a real tragedy.

All it would need is for everyone who downloaded the previous editions of the show to carry on, paying just £1, and I could carry on indefinitely.  For the price of £1.  That just a little more than the price of a small loaf of supermarket’s own brand bread here in the UK.  You can’t even get a drink for that over here, and I’m offering you 2-3 hours of top quality Metal for that price.

How can you turn that down?

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