I had a look at the tracklisting for the CD that came with this month’s Metal Hammer (I subscribe to the digital version, so I don’t get the CD… but I am paying significantly less and I don’t have to waste my time with the useless posters and other crap they stuff the mag with, so the two things balance each other out).  Scanning down, I noticed a lot of band names on there that I recognized, which wouldn’t be that unusual, since my musical knowledge is pretty good.  It has to be.  Look what I do!

What struck me most, as I scanned down the list, was the sheer number of bands I’d played on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show in the previous 12 months or so.

Now this surprised me (although really it shouldn’t, since Metal Hammer is really all about the mainstream, but it does get the biggest bands and has some of the best writers).  That meant I was ahead of the game in terms of new music, compared to a news source trusted by thousands of people across the world.


Me and anybody who’s taken the time to read this and who listens to the show.

We are at the cutting edge of Metal.  That’s you and me, my friend.  We are going where no media outlet has been before, and we’re beating the likes of Metal Hammer to the punch by MONTHS.  Want another example?  OK…

Five Finger Death Punch.

I was playing their stuff on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show when they couldn’t get arrested, and now look at them.  Their fourth album(s) is (are?) a monster.  I was there playing stuff from War Is The Answer, even before it started to really kick off for them.

So… the moral to this particular story is: Keep listening to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show if you want to be one of those people who can honestly say “Oh yeah… heard them ages ago” when one of their friends starts going on about this new band they read about.

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