Nervosa – Victim of Yourself

Napalm Records

Review by: Cat A

Sometimes I pick an album up and listen to it just because I can’t decide what to put on, or I’ve been stuck on repeat of the same thing for a while. This time I saw the word “Thrash” and felt in that kind of mood. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Victim of Yourself is the debut album from the Brazilian trio Nervosa, who achieved critical acclaim for their first single, Time of Death.  Still, a single is a far cry from a full album, particularly in a sub-genre where there is already so much choice.  It is very easy to sound the same as everyone else and also to lose rhythm in the frantic shredding to become something akin to random noise.

I am happy to report that all those negatives decidedly do not apply to this record.

Prika Amaral can shred it with the best of them, pulling out some catchy riffs, brutal but technical solos and tight timing, backed with furious drumming by Pitchu Ferraz.  To make comparisons to the Big Four as influences is blindingly obvious for any Thrash outfit, but there were times when I was half expecting Slayer’s Angel of Death to follow on.  Slayer is never a bad thing. The riffs in Envious also remind me of very early Machine Head. It would do Nervosa an injustice if I don’t mention the pure aggression of Fernanda Lira’s vocals. Closing my eyes and listening to them I can almost see the circle pit!

It is difficult to believe that this is the debut album, and it is no surprise that they have been signed up to Napalm Records. The opening intro is haunting, slow and heavy, building up to the auditory onslaught of the rest of the record. If you like your music fast and angry you could do an awful lot worse than to add Victim of Yourself to your playlist.  Just be careful that you don’t accidentally headbutt someone on public transport because they’re a band it’s very hard to stay still to and this example of their work has everything that you would expect from a good Thrash album.

This is old school Thrash.

This is brutality at its best.

I think I need to go and put a heat pack on my neck.

Nervosa are a band to keep an eye on who will surely send ripples through the Metal world in the years to come.

Rating: ****/5

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