So here’s what I’m thinking: I need to start making some money out of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.  Basically so I can afford to keep it going through the next few months.

Selling the individual episodes at a higher sound quality level and extra content wasn’t as much of a draw as I thought it would be.  That’s why I allowed the cut down version of the show to be downloaded.  That will carry on.  There will now also be a higher quality version with bonus material as “extra tracks” on the end of the “paid for” version, which will still only be £1.  After all, what’s £1 get you?  A couple of bags of crisps, a 500ml bottle of Coke/7Up/Fanta… but only when it’s on special offer.

Looks like I might have to start selling adverts and sponsorships opportunities, too.

Anybody want to sponsor the shows?  Anybody want to sponsor a segment, such as Covered?  We’d be talking something like £50 per month for the whole show (as a starter offer) and £10 per month per segment you may decide to sponsor.  A year will come to you for the discounted rate of £100.  For that, you’ll get mentioned in the show and we can sort out a linked banner on the Links page.

You could also sponsor individual pages on the website.  Let’s say £10 per month per page, with a year costing you £100.  That’ll get you a linked banner at the top of the page.  That linked banner will be visible however long the reader is on the page.

What’s the bonus content going to be on this show?  An exclusive interview with Wolfsbane, not heard anywhere else, recorded at Bloodstock 2013 on the afternoon of the final day, not long before they headlined the Sophie Lancaster Stage.  Additional to that will be a number of tracks the band have chosen to be aired after the interview.

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