Melodic metallers Eden’s Curse come out from under the (very nice) shadow of the likes of Dream Theater and Stratovarius to stand on their own two feet! Personally I’m very excited about the Snooty Fox gig, an old stomping ground.

The band naturally are very excited about headlining as Bassist Paul Logue confirms

“Absolutely! This is a real challenge for the band and dare I say it, quite a gamble in many ways! How many kids dream of standing up on a stage playing a headline set to their fans? I’m sure it will be amazing just getting the opportunity to play an extended set for our extremely loyal fan base that has waited patiently for this to happen. This tour is 100% for them.”

Paul goes onto explain how vital the EDEN’S CURSE fans are to the success of not just this tour but future endeavours. “They are absolutely key! We have such amazing and passionate fans in the UK and they have always delivered in the past for us. This however, is without question when we really need them the most! I appreciate that some of the shows are midweek and some people may have to travel to get there, but my experience as a regular concert goer in this country is that Rock music knows no boundaries! However the harsh reality of today’s music business is that if we want to tour again in the UK we need our fans to show up in numbers to these shows and I have every faith that they will! If you are coming, bring a friend and let’s have a party“!

Support on the tour will come from various established hard rock acts such as Tainted Nation (fronted by EDEN’S CURSE drummer Pete Newdeck), Stormzone, Fahran (new band of former Serpentine lead vocalist Matt Black), Estrella, SKIN&BONE(formerly Tara’s Secret) and Dendera. Whilst the show at Grimsby will be a co-headline with Absolva (ex-Fury UK) and Babylon Fire. A veritable feast of British rock and metal, headlined by a band that spans four countries and two continents. Can’t wait.


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