Kill Matilda – #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll

Self Release- Available March 4th

Suzi H

Well now. The Southern Tower of Wyrd Ways Castle might have been a bit quiet of late but if there’s one thing thing guaranteed to wake the slumbering beast from the annual hibernation it’s some gravelly voiced and quite frankly excellent punk. If you like Hole, The Misfits or The Offspring (and Yeah, Yeah Yeahs,) and let’s face it who doesn’t, then these guys are right up your alley.

Kicking off with Pomegrante  this EP is a collection of re-mastered tracks from previous releases that have been given a spit and polish and are now suitably ready to burst your ear drums. From the first bar to the last this is a release of pure aural pleasure.

I want Revenge  manages to be a bit angry and quite melodic at the same time. Punk isn’t just screaming angrily into a microphone about politics/death/relationships, there’s a place for melody and hard drums and that’s what Kill Matilda are bringing you. Dusty on vocals also plays guitars and makes Karen O, Juliette Lewis and Courtney Love look like a collection of talentless wimps (words I do not say lightly). The track is a short punchy one, clocking in at 2:45, but gets points for having instant stompability.

Zombie Apocolypse reminds me of the days I used to listen to The Misfits on repeat. Couldn’t tell you why, but it has great riffs, the vocals are *perfect* and it is one of those tracks you want to just listen to on repeat. Lyrically it tells a pretty awesome story too (about the apocalypse. Unsurprisingly). The following track Law Abiding Citizen continues in the same vein and then all of a sudden the dark and twisted riffs disappear and you get flung down the rabbit hole into Geisha with A Switchblade which has, well, acoustic guitars and much cleaner vocals. It’s an interesting showcase of the bands talents though, and demonstrates that this is a band who I suspect are well worth seeing live.

Finally, the EP rounds out with the fantastically heavy  PBJ and I have to say the whole things has left me wanting a full release album. Kill Matilda are touring in Canada from the end of February, so if you’re on that side of the pond do check them out. It’s hard to find enough to say about band when you’ve only got 6 tracks to go on, so I’ll say this – if you like some down and dirty punk with sexy riffs and a promise of blood, fists and stomping buy this on March 4th. You won’t regret it.


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