Klogr – Black Snow

Zeta Factory/Believe

Release date: 11th March 2014

Review by: Cat A

Klogr. Firstly, how on earth to pronounce the name? The answer to that is to say it like the equation it originated from, K-log-R. Simple.

Who are they you ask? Well they formed in 2011 and come from Italy with the aim to challenge the contemporary culture. Indeed, Black Snow comes with lyrics that speak to everyone who is concerned about the damage humans do to the planet, alternating between rage and melancholia while the music walks the line between alternative rock and metal. Their debut album Till You Decay was followed with a four track EPTil You Turn.

Black Snow’s opener Zero Tolerance is fuelled by a driving riff and aggressive vocals that power through until a surprising and strangely fitting harmonic chorus, topped off with a solo that wouldn’t be out of place on a far heavier record. Believe, which follows, is an altogether different story; gravelly, melodic… a song that lends itself to a slower head nod as opposed to head bang.

Draw Closer is the track that forms the first single from Black Snow where the electronic influence becomes apparent as keyboards add a dark dimension to the relatively uncomplicated riffs. This song sounds dirty in a wonderful way, almost hypnotic in places.

Klogr are not all about the effects and production though; there are just as many uses of clean vocals as dirty, not to mention the other side to the anger. Heart Breathing and Ambergris may be a slower, quieter side to the band, but there is just as much passion in the sombre moments, haunting melodies that carry the listener along.

Comparisons have been made to Filter, A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden, and certainly the flavour of the heavy and melodic, coupled with the production sound with appeal to those fans. Black Snow is very easy to listen to, even if the messages in the lyrics speak of a broken world. Klogr have pulled out a clever, interesting and meaningful album for their second full length release that deserves all the air time it gets.

Rating: ****/5

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