Endless Chaos – Rejected Atrocity EP


Review by Rick Ossian

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Endless Chaos have been dubbed ‘blackened thrash metal‘, among other things. Judging from the groups shot(s) I saw on Google Images, these lads mean business.  Just the look in their eyes begs you to come into their musical world, if you dare.  Keep in mind, this stuff is NOT for the faint of heart.  In fact, be careful how loud you play it around youngsters and oldsters, as they inevitably succumb to the severity of it all.

Now, as you WWRS folks may now, I normally don’t go in for this sort of fare, but it is simply addictive, particularly the guitar work in the title track.  It is over WAY too soon, and practically leaves one begging for more.

Sacrificial Ritual is a heavy-duty overdrive (imagine Slayer on steroids) of a tune, another four-minute slammer that will make your ears bleed if you’re not prepared, and even if you are! I sense a pattern taking place here.  These blokes are truly playing their arses off!  I was expecting heavy duty fare, especially when one considers the titles, but I did NOT expect to be blown away this much.  I look forward to the full-length album when it inevitably arrives.  The tempo alone is making me type faster – or perhaps it is just my excitement, my imagination.  I was trying to picture the drummer playing at the blazing speed he exhibits on Sacrificial Ritual, but the speed he exhibits is simply mind-boggling.

Condemned to the Pit  is quite possibly the heaviest of the 3 here, though it is hard to tell.  It is the longest (but only by a minute or so), and hits home directly to the point, as do the other two numbers.  The only thing I don’t like about this is the fact that there are only three songs.  Can’t wait to hear more!


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