Nightmare Records news!

Claiming “We are metal in Progression” in their bio may throw a few of us off, and is debatable at the VERY least.  (That said, I do happen to think they are the coolest metal label and distro on the planet!) We must, for curiosity’s sake, at least delve into their ‘new’ website to see what’s happening in Lance King’s corner of the internet.

So what’s new in Nightmare land, you may ask?

For one, they have a YouTube channel full of Prog and Power Metal, with their ‘list of cool stuff’, which they have named “Worthy Prog and Power Metal”:

OK, not Nightmare Records stuff, but on the distro list, they are currently stocking the new album by one of the coolest, most bad-ass latest metal ‘supergroups’, in the form of KXM.  This combo features legendary guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, Souls of We, Vince Neil Band, G3 tour, Dave Reffett, and T & N), King’s X lead vocalist/bassist Doug (Dug) Pinnick and Korn drummer Ray Luzier. Check out their latest work on Rat Pak Records and right here:.

Appearance of Nothing’s latest, A New Beginning, is also currently available AND is currently #33 on (Germany), as well as Anubis Gate‘s “Horizon“, coming in April!

New Teramaze, “Esoteric Symbolism“, is also on its way! An ‘album taster’ is available below, and when The Wyrd Ways Rock Show returns in a couple of weeks, you can definitely expect to hear something from them.

So, if you are into progressive metal, and just can’t get enough, now you know another place to go to appease your appetite! Bon appetit!

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