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They’re from Sao Paulo in Brazil.  They play Old School Thrash with more than a hint of Exodus and classic Thrash in general.  If you take a look on the Reviews page, you’ll find that Cat A really rather liked them.  So it was entirely fitting that when the chance came to interview the band, she jumped at the chance to do it.

WWRS: Your debut album, Victim of Yourself, is out in March on Napalm Records. It’s a fantastic piece of thrash. What were the influences behind the making of it?

FERNANDA: I always say we make music we like to listen to and that makes perfect sense, because everything we listen to, end up influencing us towrope our music! I, personally have a very wide taste in metal, i appreciate and support almost all metal genres, but old school thrash metal and early 90’s death metal are precious and really influential to me and you can notice that clearly in our songs. All of us three are thrash and death lovers, so our music is the perfect reflex of what we listen to! You can find elements from Slayer and Sepultura to Vader and Death and many other things also!

WWRS: Did signing the deal with Napalm influence the creative process, or was the album ready before then?

F: When we signed to Napalm, we were just a newborn band and we were about to release our first EP, but the songs for this new album weren’t ready when we signed with them, and honestly, i don’t think it affected in any way the process of writing music. Of course there’s the fact that it is our debut album and that it will be released world wide, but in the end, we just use this facts as fuel to make us feel even more confident and our music, and of course, as these are exciting facts, this feeling ends up influencing the music, so that’s maybe why our songs are filled with energy in this album! But what really matters is that we make and will always make music we like and enjoy playing, no matter what’s happening ‘behind’, you know?

WWRS: Do you fancy coming and playing some British festivals?

F: No doubt we do! We’re a band who likes to be on the road and that’s why we have toured our continetal country a lot! But we never left Brazil for gigs, so right after the album is released, our main focus will be on working hard to plan South American and European tours! We don’t have anything concrete we can talk now, but all I can say is that we’re already working on that, so when the album comes out, we’ll have many great news about touring to announce, and hopefully they will include some British dates, I always felt like playing in Britain, this is gonna rock when it happens!

WWRS: A lot of media refers to you as “the all female thrash trio”. Was it a deliberate decision to only have female members, and does it annoy you that there is a need to add in the “all female” label in 2014?

F: We don’t care about this label, because it’s nothing but the truth, but I understand why people always tend to refer to us this way, it’s because being an all girl band in a still male-dominated scene is something still new and rare, and everything that’s new ends up drawing attention and there’s nothing more natural then emphasizing it. It’s the same thing when there was that boom of folk Metal bands, all the bands ended up being labelled as ‘the new folk sensation’ or something like that, it’s natural and gives a little of idea to what you should expect. I have always played in all female Metal bands before, so to me when I was looking for girls this last time to gather up a thrash band, it was natural to me to think the band as an all female piece!

Metal nowadays is saturated, almost everything has been done when it comes to metal genres, so new bands I guess must try doing different aspects to promote their bands, and in our case, being all female is still something different, you know?

But of course we can’t be holding ourselves to this all-female label forever, use in a few years, this tendency is gonna be a more concrete reality and there will be as much girls as men playing in bands, so in the end, music is what matter the most!

WWRS: What are Nervosa’s plans for the near (and far) future?

F: We plan to be on the road a lot to promote our new album and soon to start writing new songs for our next album, in fact I can’t hardly wait for that! haha But our plans are mainly about touring new places we haven’t visited before!

WWRS: In an ideal world, who would you like to see Nervosa share a stage with?

F: I can say i’m very lucky cause my band has shared stage with many of the most iconic bands to me, such as Destruction and Exodus! But if i ever get to play with Slayer, i’d be the happiest headbanger in the whole world, you bet! Not only they are influential to thrash metal as a whole, but they developed a very important role on my formation as a musician and headbanger!

WWRS: If you could only have one book, one movie and one album on a desert island what would they be and why?

F: Dude, these question are always damn hard to answer to, i’m the most exaggerated person you’ll ever meet, so listing something is a real challenge to me! haha But I’d maybe say The Little Prince book (you can laugh your arse off, but I just love this book). It always helps me getting back and remember what the real meaning of life is in its purest way. The movie I would stick between Clockwork Orange and American Beauty – the first one because is my all time favourite and I never get sick of watching it and the second one because it also makes you remember what life really is, overtime I watch it, I feel breathless to remember the real essence of life and this helps me reconsider my concepts and try to live a better life. An album I would say maybe the first Iron Maiden album or Powerslave, first because it’s my favourite bands and second because you can’t get any better than Iron Maiden! haha

WWRS: What is in your pockets/handbag right now?

F: I’ll be heading to our rehearsal time in a few hours so I’m all packed to play! There’s my complete killer pack with me and which helps me reach my perfect sound: my Aristides bass with my DR strings and my pedals designed by Ed’s Mod Shop! i know it sounds like I’m doing a mercy, but you asked me what’s in my bag right now and I’m heading to the studio, so… hahaha Oh, there’s also a Nuclear Assault album, Game Over – The Plague, cause I wanna listen to it with my drummer in the car in our way to the studio and also a little money so I can buy some hamburger after the practice time! haha

WWRS: If you could listen to five songs right now, what would they be?

F: Damn, those lists again!!! hahaha I am in a very good vibe today, so i guess i’d listen to:
Jimi Hendrix’s Manic Depression
Howlin’Wolf, Sitting on The Top of the World
Black Sabbath, Snowblind
Pink Floyd, Shine On You Crazy Diamond
S.O.D., Kill Yourself to thrash it up! The songs are not my favourite and not from my favourite bands, but it’s just songs that really make me feel well when i listen to and help me keep the good vibe 🙂

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