Abounding Wyrdness

To Whom It May Concern,

When Wyrdness abounds, to where does it go? I mean, for one thing, bounding indicates to me jumping, in particular jumping forward, kind of like Santa’s reindeer are supposed to do…that is assuming that wyrdness can be a tangible object.  I was wondering while driving the other day why some bands don’t do what they used to, you know, back in the 70’s, or even the 60’s?  My friend Martin and I were having a similar discussion a while back, and it occurred to us that most of our fave American AND British bands started out wonderfully, especially when it came to their first four or five LP’s (Aerosmith, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, KISS, etc., all come to mind), then along came the 80’s and the cheesy keyboard era.

Why, for one, did Thomas Dolby come along? Or Nick Gilder, for that matter? And why on earth would he open for the Cars?  Not only that, but why, oh why would Clover open for Be-bop Deluxe? Incidentally, that was my very first really cool show…I believe it was the Drastic Plastic tour.  Saw Missouri open for Black Oak Arkansas in the same venue.  That was WAY back in the day, as the kids say.  I’d type more but my right hand keeps falling asleep. Besides, I’ve got to get my son up for his 1/2 day of school. More later — I promise!

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