John Browne Solo Song to fund Education Website Project.

John Browne from the progressive metal band Monuments (Century Media Records) has released the following statement to promote a project he is working on.

Monuments’s 2nd album is on the way. Catch Monuments at this year’s Download Festival.

brownebear“I, The Creator of Monuments will be releasing a brand new solo song tomorrow at 7pm GMT. This song is a solo piece of writing that is comparative to what I have previously written for Monuments. The purpose of this song is to help promote a future enterprise I am currently participating in, away from Monuments. In the forthcoming months I will be creating a members only website to exhibit my recognised skillset in guitar playing and songwriting. I will demonstrate a multitude of techniques that I am frequently requested to teach. The material promoted on the website will be in the form of videos, blogs, tablatures and more. In order to do this however, I need to raise a certain amount of money to cover my overheads for studio time and filming etc. Any donations towards this song I have written is greatly appreciated, and will help contribute to an abundance of educational material that I aim to release this year, to assist fans and aspiring musicians in their musical endeavours.

I become inspired when reading human ideals outside of the common way of thinking. My muse for this song was the theory of Hollow Earth and the fictional city of Agartha, which is described as Utopia, a place of paradise. ‘Agarthian’ is about everything in nature having both a calm and chaotic side, and hopefully you will hear that within my writing.

I will aim to release one song a month, which will eventually become inclusive of the membership fee on my website. Without further ado, please feel free to visit at 7pm GMT tomorrow night, Monday 17th March 2014.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support.

John Browne
Guitarist/Songwriter of Monuments”


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