Hot Magenta – Rinse and Repeat

Self release

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Review by Suzi H

So I’ve reviewed Hot Magenta when they’ve played live before and as I said then I’m friends with their drummer. So when I got sent a message offering me a sneak preview of their new EP I jumped at it. And when I say ‘new’ I mean they recorded it on Saturday.

The EP is short and sweet with three tracks – Live to Rock, live show favourite  Gummint and the bizarrely titled Evacuate Leamington Spar.

To give you an idea of how good this EP is, I started listening to it about 15 minutes ago, I’m on my second listen through now and I’d fired up the Review machine by the time Evacuate had started playing. Anyway, let’s do this methodically. Kicking off with Live to Rock  it’s immediately clear that *someone* has been digging through their LP collection and mainlining Status Quo and Iron Maiden along with general 80’s classic rock and the result is a perfectly spunky guitar heavy rock song with enough riffs to keep even the most die-hard devotee of rock happy for four and a half wonderful minutes. This is toe tapping, hip swinging rock at it’s finest, and I challenge anyone to not have their spirits lifted by it.

Gummint is an old Hot Magenta track and when I saw it live a few months ago I didn’t think it could be refined and improved upon. I was wrong. Hot Magenta are a band who’s recorded work is unlikely to ever capture the sheer dynamism of their live shows but this recording comes pretty damn close. It’s an evocative track and Alyssa (vocals) gets to demonstrate just how big her voice is. Which is funny because in person she is *tiny* .

Rounding out the EP we get to Evacuate Leamington Spar  which is a nice solid finishing track and is the cherry on top of the musical cupcake that Rinse and Repeat offers. The only bad thing about this is it’s too goddamn short.


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