Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXIII

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXIII

After a month’s hiatus while I got myself sorted out after losing my job, The Wyrd Ways Rock Show returns!  This week’s show features new music from Lacuna Coil, Mount Salem, Ringworm and guitar hero, Gus G.  If you decide to join the exclusive club of subscribers, you’ll also get to hear an interview I conducted over the Skype with the man himself.  Head for www.wyrdwaysrs.com after the Planet Mosh play of the show to download the broadcast version or to become a subscriber.

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show also appears as part of The Cast Iron Ring and internet radio stations such as Planet Mosh, Nambucca Valley Radio, The Red Eye Network and Radio Metal On – The Heavy.  See their listings for details.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

Lacuna Coil – I Forgive
Demons Of Old Metal – Battlecry
Conan – Foehammer
Ringworm – Hammer Of The Witch
Seven Deadly – Blood On Your Hands
Spotlight 1: Stuka Squadron – We Drink Blood
The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell
Vandenberg’s MoonKings – Steal Away
Mount Salem – The Tower
Covered: Adrenaline MobThe Mob Rules
SOTN 1: Girls That Scream – Days Of Hysteria
SOTN 2: Beyond Violet – Survivors
SOTN 3: From Ashes To New – Stay This Way
Spotlight 2: Stuka Squadron – Tales Of The Ost
Gus G – I Am The Fire
Uli Jon Roth – Hiroshima
Megadeth – High Speed Dirt
Spotlight 3: Stuka Squadron – First Legion
Scorpion Child – King’s Highway
Monster Truck – Call It A Spade
Buffalo Summer – A Horse Called Freedom
Black Stone Cherry – Me And Mary-Jane
Sonata Arctica – Cloud Factory
Linkin Park (feat. Rakim) – Guilty All The Same
Spotlight 4: Stuka Squadron – Stuka Squadron
Asomvel – Trash Talker
Hatriot – Your Worst Enemy
Fleshrot – Parasite
Reign Of Fury – Heaven Waits, Hell Takes
Onslaught – 66 Fuckin’ 6
Last Track: Skindred – Kill The Power
Bonus Material:

  • Firewind – Chariot
  • Gus G Interview
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Let Me Hear You Scream
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