Cancer and the No Make-Up Selfie

There’s a phenomena sweeping Facebook at the moment – the ‘No Make-Up Selfie’. Taken, it transpires, for cancer. On Wednesday morning when I woke up to a Facebook feed full of barefaced ladies telling me they were ‘selfie-ing for cancer’ I sort of lost my shit a little bit and had a mega rant . Like many, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer, had a few who survived it and have two very dear to me who are living with cancer right now. Seeing a bunch of seemingly vapid pictures with no fundraising links or self-check guides made me snap.

24 hours later and the only thing I’m retracting was my statement that taking a selfie raised no more awareness of cancer than ‘OMFG CANCER’. Not long after the rant posted by myself (and many other people) I started to see more selfies with a message about how to send a text donation to Cancer Research UK, and today a news story broke that the last 24 hours saw Cancer Research raise £1 million.

Clearly the trend did do something BUT like all flash in the pan ‘slactivist‘ trends it’s going to tail off and lead to not a lot else. So  I just want to highlight other ways to raise awareness of Cancer, and also of other charities. Cancer Research seem to hog almost all of the cancer donations out there. There’s no doubt they’re doing good work, along with mesothelioma lawyers, among others, – but there are other charities to spare a thought too and The Wyrd Ways Rock Show is always going to shout very loudly about our friends at The Headbangers Balls who work every year to put on a series of awesome gigs to fundraise for the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can go and give them money here, and if you can get to a Ball this year you should. Awesome line-ups and all for a good cause. Win-Win.

If you would like to raise awareness of/help beat cancer please try the following things:

1) Be aware of the signs of cancer. Tell your friends

2) Regularly check your boobs/ balls/ moles. Tell your friends

3) Participate in fundraising activities for the cancer charity/ research organisation/ hospice of your choice. Tell your friends

4) Attend fundraising events. Tell your friends

5) Volunteer for your local hospice/hospital/ research organisation/ cancer charity. Tell your friends 

If you’d like to support people going through cancer and their families with some of your hard-earned cash then  please look up The Moonwalk,  Testicular Cancer , Little Princess Trust, Macmillan, Prostate Cancer UK and lastly the hospice that cared for my ex Father in Law when he was dying of Lung Cancer- Sobell House. These are some of the charities I try to support in the small ways I can. Feel free to add others in the comments.

Cancer is a fucker of a disease. It doesn’t care who you are, how old you are, what your financial status is or whether you’re a nice person. Cancer doesn’t give a shit. I say Balls to Cancer. And if you’re going to selfie for cancer- make sure you give some cash and tell your friends how to do it too. Or I’ll set my Evil Twin on you.

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