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Gama Bomb – Reading The Backwards Bible

The mighty Gama Bomb‘s current single, Backwards Bible, taken from their current album, The Terror Tapes, was a good excuse to score another interview with the membership of the Irish Thrashers who recently signed to AFM Records from Earache. Since Carl spoke to them last, Philly’s had some surgery on his vocal cords and the band had to pull out of an American tour (as well as an interview at Bloodstock!).

WWRS: You’ve recently toured the UK. and by all accounts received some pretty good reactions  How did it go looking back on it now?

Joe McGuigan: Very good; London and Glasgow were both quite near capacity so yea, very encouraging. We’re thinking of maybe doing some Xmas shows in the UK, so we’ll see what happens.

WWRS: How are Philly’s vocal cords holding up these days?  Does he have to do things differently now compared to before the surgery?

Joe McGuigan: Yea, there’s some stuff he approaches differently, but for the most part he isn’t having any problems singing the set. The operation he had last year can take 2 years to recover from, so he’s still got some healing to do.

WWRS: I last spoke to you just as The Terror Tapes was being released.  How is the new stuff going down live?

Joe McGuigan: It’s weird; we noticed on tour that a lot of the people who came out knew the lyrics for the new songs better than some of the older material. We’ve settled on the 7 songs from the album were putting into the set, and I think the whole show is a lot stronger and more “choresy” with the new songs in.

WWRS: Which of those are favourite songs to play live?

Joe McGuigan: From the new LP? We Started The Fire and Metal Idiot are my personal favourites.

WWRS: Talking of albums, is there any chance of Survival Of The Fastest getting a re-release?

Joe McGuigan: It doesn’t really need to be re-released to be honest; the CD and 12” are both available on line. I’m not really a big fan of going back and re-tweeking old records, so we wouldn’t really be interested in remixing it or anything. We do have demo and pre-production versions of all the old first and second album songs, so maybe well do them on 7” or something down the line?

WWRS: I was down to talk to you at Bloodstock, but some problems concerning the American tour got in the way.  Can you tell us something about that? Are you any nearer to getting over there soon?

Joe McGuigan: Just standard business stuff; visa and flight costs. It’s a process that takes thousands and thousands of dollars, setting up a tour in the USA, so once that cost becomes too high you have to just step back and figure another way to do it. The good thing is there’s lots and lots of interest in Gama Bomb touring over there, so we’ll just have to wait to see.

WWRS: Bearing some of your songs in mind, it’s fair to say you’re fans of RoboCop.  Are you interested or worried about the reboot?

Joe McGuigan: No on both counts. Re-makes like this are no concern to anyone in the band. Something like RoboCop or Star Wars, it’s impossible to remake/reboot those successfully. The originals are part of modern culture, like The Beatles. Collen Farrel playing Quaid is like Justin Blablabla re-recording Sgt Pepper’s.

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WWRS: If you were asked to re-score a film, which one would you most like to have a go at?

Joe McGuigan: Zombi 3; it would be quite in sync with our level of brain activity.

WWRS: What’s 2014 looking like for Gama Bomb?

Joe McGuigan: Festivals, a South American tour, and record a new LP.

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