Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXIV


We’re back for another round of the rebirthed Wyrd Ways Rock Show.  We kick off this week’s show with a new track from the mighty Metallica, and it’s heads in the bass bin and foot on the monitor from there on in.  Epica, Iron Knights, Triptykon and Arch Enemy are all present and correct with brand new stuff, as are a good few others.  If you decide to join the exclusive club of subscribers, you’ll also get to hear an interview I conducted with Butcher Babies at The Cockpit in Leeds on the final night of The Defiled tour.

Head for www.wyrdwaysrs.com after the Planet Mosh play of the show to download the broadcast version, or to become a subscriber if you want a higher bitrate version with over half an hour of extras each week.

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show also appears as part of The Cast Iron Ring and internet radio stations such as Planet Mosh, Nambucca Valley Radio, The Red Eye Network and Radio Metal On – The Heavy.  See their listings for details.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.


Metallica – Lords Of Summer
Delain – Your Body Is A Battleground
Epica – The Essence Of Silence
Spotlight 1: Butcher Babies – Axewound
Brainstorm – Descendants Of The Fire
Edguy – Sabre And Torch
Iron Knights – Vicious Circle
Sinbreed – Black Death
Spotlight 2: Butcher Babies – Magnolia Blvd
Gus G – Redemption
California Breed – Midnight Oil
Covered: Arch Enemy – Symphony Of Destruction
Arch Enemy – Vengeance Is Mine
The Agonist – Predator And Prayer
Arch Enemy – War Eternal
SOTN 1: Follow You Home – Eyes Wide Open
SOTN 2: Black State Highway – Conclusion
SOTN 3: Martyr De Mona – Kyo
Spotlight 3: Butcher Babies – I Smell A Massacre
Triptykon – Breathing
Ektomorf – Numb & Sick (feat. Christian Machado of Ill Nino)
Hellyeah – Cross To Bier (Cradle Of Bones)
Dimmu Borgir – Chess With The Abyss
Spotlight 4: Butcher Babies – Goliath
Asomvel – Stone Cold Stare
Hatriot – Dawn Of The New Centurion
Onslaught – Fuel For My Fire
Last Track: Babymetal – Gimme Chocolate

Bonus Material:

  • Butcher Babies – The Mirror Never Lies
  • Butcher Babies Interview
  • Butcher Babies – The Deathsurround
  • LBAEI 1: Asking Alexandria – Don’t Pray For Me
  • LBAEI 2: Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • LBAEI 3: Pantera – Mouth For War
  • LBAEI 4: Anthrax – Caught In A Mosh
  • LBAEI 5: Necrophagist – Stabwound
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