Subscribing to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Bonus Editions


Did you know that if you pay the small sum of £1, you can get a version of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show that contains, on average, half an hour of extra exclusive material?  You’ll also get the show at a higher bitrate, so with better sound quality.  What you’ll also be getting as from the end of this month, is free entry to a monthly draw to win… stuff.  Every month, all subscribers’ names will be put into a metaphorical hat and one will be drawn out.  That person will win a random something from the Wyrd Ways Rock Show Prize Vault.

How much does it cost to subscribe?  One individual edition of the Bonus Edition will set you back £1.  That’s all.  £1.  If you want to see what’s available, click here.  For anybody from the US reading this, that’s around $1.66 as I type this.  Where else can you get heading for 3 hours of top quality music for If you decide to subscribe monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or even annually, you’ll qualify for one of the discounted rates.

Obviously, you’ll be able to cancel the subscription anytime you want, at which time you will still receive Rock Show links until your subscription expires.  I think it goes without saying that you can resubscribe whenever you want.

If this is something that interests you (and why wouldn’t it?), click here.  You can pay with PayPal or Direct Debit, direct from bank account.  It really is that easy.

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