Hailing from Brazil, PATRIA is one of the most imminent Black Metal bands in South America today! They have 4 releases behind them, and will release Individualism via Indie Recordings on the 21st of April.

The album teaser for the coming Patria release Individualism is now on YouTube! Get a sneak peak of each of the 11 blasting tracks of the album to be released in less than two weeks!

This is what Øystein of Borknagar has to say about the upcoming release: “The most interesting and convincing traditional Black Metal album I have heard in years! Highly recommendable!

Two singles are already out and available on all digital services.

Patrias single Orphan Of Emptiness has recently been nominated for The History Of Metal’s song toplist countdown for 2014! You can vote on this particular song to be included in the 2014 overall toplist at The History Of Metal by clicking ‘like’ on this Facebook post by The History Of Metal. Each song gets five days of voting from the day it was posted.

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